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5 Social Media Marketing Myths

Last updated: 08-09-2019

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5 Social Media Marketing Myths

You may have heard that social media can help your business get noticed and gain clients (both of these statements are true),BUTdon’t forget that social media marketing is in fact a strategy; it’s not a magical solution. Social media requires hours upon hours of research and hard work just like any other marketing strategy.

Now, it’s impossible to learn all there is to know about social media after reading one article, but we’d like to address some of the most common social media myths that prevent business owners from succeeding online:

Yes, setting up a social media account is free, but if you want your page to get attention, you need to put some money in it. For example, on Facebook when you boost a post or create an ad for $5, you’re going to reach far more people than when you post organically.  

Also, when it comes to social media not only do you need to invest money, you need to invest hours of time into research and preparation. And you know what they say…time is money.

When you make the decision to put your business on social media, your first thought might be to create an account on every single social media platform.Hold. Your. Horses. Depending on your industry, this can be extremely unnecessary and a huge waste of time.

Put some research into a platform before you set up an account. See how it can benefit your business, or if your target audience even uses the platform. Find out where your business can excel online and then put all of your energy into marketing yourself on those platforms.

Don’t get dejected if you don’t have hundreds of followers on your page. One passionate, dedicated follower is worth more than 10 or even 100 uninterested ones. You want the people that follow you to care about your business and be interested in using your services. What’s the point of having hundreds of followers if they’ve never used your business and don’t plan on it in the future? 

There are close to 2 billion Facebook users, 700 million Instagram users and 500 million LinkedIn users. Overall, 81 percent of the population in the United States has a social networking profile. Chances are your customers are on social media, which means your business needs to be on social media too.

In 2005, only 5% of American adults used at least one social media platform. Today, 69% of the public uses some form of social media (Pew Research Center). To further prove our point, 62% of online adults, ages 65+ now use Facebook (Pew Research Center). We promise you, it’s not just millennials on social media.

We hope you found this article helpful.  Again, there’s so much to learn when it comes to social media. We encourage you to educate yourself so that your business can excel online and reap the benefits of social media marketing. Be sure to check out our blog for more articles on social media and digital marketing!

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