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Trends that dominate social media marketing

Last updated: 05-30-2019

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Trends that dominate social media marketing

Do you want to rise to the top of social media marketing? I would hope the answer is an enthusiasticYES!If it was, then you have landed on the correct article. Social media is where it’s at for businesses. Businesses realize that they have to meet customers in their social space. Long gone are the days of only advertising on television, radio or in print sources. Since the birth of the internet, digital marketing has taken off like a firestorm. Social media marketing is only a small fraction of the fire, but it’s a technique that’s going to make sales and win over customers.

First, you must—youmust—do some type of video content. This can be live video via Periscope, Busker or Facebook live. Comments appear on the screen and you answer them in real time. Or, you can create a video and post it to Youtube. Viewers that then leave comments and you can answer their comments directly below their question. Video content shows your personal side to your customer. It makes you more relatable and they believe that you are more approachable. This is opposed to those brands that do not step away from their logo, but rather have a contact form and then you have to wait for them to get back to you—some never do. Don’t be this brand.

You also have to interact with those that follow you. Never wait longer than 24 hours to get back to those that leave comments, likes or share your content. Waiting any longer tells the customer you are aloof and don’t really care if they are there or not. But, when you acknowledge their presence, it’s recognition that you do care. It does matter if they support your brand and their opinion does influence how you run your business. A quick note about feedback, specifically negative feedback: don’t ignore it. So often customers complain about the customer service within a company and don’t receive a response. Don’t ignore these customers but do right by them. Give them coupons or refund their money. When you do something it’s stepping away from your brand and showing you care about them. But, when you don’t—well, you’re not that great of a company.

Also, remember that good content is vital to your social media marketing network. Post content that is relevant to your company’s niche. Let’s say you’re a gardening company. You can post links to garden walks in your area. Talk about common pests that intrude on gardens, or talk about a specific type of garden. Don’t forget to vary your post type. Post videos, blog content, polls, and quizzes. Post different types of images. You may want to include posts with quotes, while some do not have quotes at all. Watch what your audience responds well to and feed off of that. What they enjoy is what you should post.

These days you’re going to find that your content may not be getting a lot of views. Why? Facebook especially doesn’t like to promote the content of business pages. Rather, they want you to boost your content for $5. This is all well-and-good if you have a budget for it but what if you don’t? You have to share your content via other social media marketing networks. Instagram, too, I have noticed is starting to go this way. If you want more eyeballs on your content, set aside some money and boost 1 or 2 posts for a week. What was the result? You want to look for conversion rates. Did the customer go to your website? Did they buy your product? If not, tweak your keywords and go at it again.

And finally, brands are using messaging apps to directly connect with their customers. This gives a whole new meaning to customer service. Let’s say John’s Fedex order arrived broken. Roger, from the company John ordered from, sends John a message via Facebook Messenger, Twitter or Instagram. It wouldn’t be any different from a live chat you would do with a company via your computer. So why are you so surprised when the company meets you (the customer) in your social media marketing space? Like I said in the introduction, digital marketing is a firestorm. We may never put out the fire—but do we really want to?

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