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Want to grow your Instagram in 2020? Start using carousel posts

Last updated: 01-07-2020

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Want to grow your Instagram in 2020? Start using carousel posts

There are many methods you can use to grow your Instagram account. From boosting posts (via paid marketing) on the platform to employing social media marketing professionals to get the hype going — there are many ways to achieve the objective.

Once upon a time, posting your favorite shots from the weekend or your vacation — to Instagram — meant you had to make a number of separate posts for all the pictures. That however changed in 2017 when Instagram introduced the carousel format. Now you could make a post with up to 10 photos or videos. It quickly rose in popularity and proved to be a game changer for influencers and digital marketers who were on the platform.

As Instagram evolved into a major tool for business marketing, it became clear that if you wanted to reach a wider audience with your craft or services your business had to be on the platform. In this article we’ll discuss how you can grow your Instagram using carousel posts.

In the two years since Instagram introduced the format, improvements have been implemented to make the feature enticing for the business minded to incorporate into their content marketing strategy.

You may have noticed or not, but in recent times, when you scroll past a carousel without engaging it, the next time you scroll by that post, you see the next picture or video in the slide. That is likely to make you want to swap through the carousel to view the remaining content.

Carousel posts generate engagement in the sense that in the hands of a great content creator, they can be pieces of an artful storytelling. They can be used to present a ‘before, during, and after’ insight into how a marketing campaign, or photoshoot was brought into fruition. Once you’re able to harness their possibilities to create engaging content, you’d be able to grow your Instagram by inspiring content sharing which then results in attracting new followers who are inspired by what you do.

Make no mistake though. Instagram is mainly about quality content; and simply using carousel posts wouldn’t automatically grow your account on that platform. You’d need a combination of quality and quantity, as well as knowing the proper times to make a post.

Having the right timing means you know when your audience is going to be online and interacting with accounts similar to yours. And about the quality of posts — Instagram does not forgive mediocrity and being basic. So to win on that platform and grow your Instagram, you have to put in the effort to be polished and have classy standards.

Another thing to keep in mind is the consistency and frequency of your posts. Consistency has to do with sticking to the script or theme of your account. Much like blogging, it wouldn’t make much sense if you’re all over the place posting about any and everything. You wouldn’t be able to capture the attention of Instagram users for long if there’s nothing they can identify your Instagram account with.

If you feel that a category is overly saturated then, carve out a niche for yourself. This is the era when weirdos are flourishing, and if you decide to explore your uniqueness then, you could be sparking the next big wave. Who knows!

Frequency is about the number of posts your audience should expect within a week. Yes, social media is a feast that feeds our gluttony in the sense that we’ve grown accustomed to consuming fresh content every minute. That however does not mean you need to be churning out posts every day. Maybe five posts a week — an average of one a day — would be enough for your audience. Maybe more. Whatever you decide on, do well to avoid taking over peoples’ timelines with your content. Why? They’d soon lose appetite for you.

Lifestyle influencers have been the biggest beneficiaries of growth from using this feature. As stated above, being able to balance quality content with enough quantity can increase the value of your brand — resulting in growth of your account. You as a business (entrepreneur) or content creator should leverage carousel posts to make a case for your brand.

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