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The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Marketing For Small Business

Last updated: 09-15-2019

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The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Marketing For Small Business

Social media marketing and small business go hand-in-hand. It's the most accessible and cost-effective way to promote any product, and if you put enough time and effort into learning it, you can run an affective social media marketing campaign on your own.

So if you're a small business without a social media presence, you're in the right place. Because in today's article, we'll show you how to start and run a basic social media marketing campaign with minimal effort.

While this social media marketing guide is aimed at small businesses, the tactics can also be used by new freelancers or anyone else looking to dip their toes in social media marketing.

Sound good? Let's dive in to the ultimate guide to social media marketing for small business!

Sounds easy, right? Well, it is, but you need to create your accounts strategically.

Instead of creating an account on each and every social network, plan your networks strategically. For example, if your audience is mostly people 40+, don't create and manage a Snapchat account. This social network is largely aimed at a younger audience and won't do you much good.

However, there are a few social networks every business should have. These are:

If your business has a local presence, you should also be on Google My Business. This lets you update the content on your Google Search and Google Maps listings with current information and status updates, so you can get local customers involved.

Additionally, professional services companies should be on LinkedIn. Use this as an outlet to share your knowledge, find new professional connections, and even hire new employees.

Finally, Pinterest is great for craft and fashion companies. It's where the world goes for finding recipes, new clothing, DIY guides, and more, so make sure you're sharing your best content there.

Now, go through your social media accounts and fill them out completely. Make sure that each has a profile picture, cover photo, and a completely filled out bio.

Doing this makes your profile look more complete and professional. It also ensures that people know your brand is actually you (and not an imposter).

Think about it: would you interact with a brand that doesn't have a profile photo?

Additionally, make sure your hours, phone number, and address are correct on Google My Business and Facebook. This will ensure that your customers know when to come to your local business and how to get in touch—two vital things when you're making a brick-and-mortar sale.

Already have your social media accounts setup? Perform a social media audit. This will take you through your existing content so you can ensure they're up-to-snuff.

OK, so, your profiles are created and completely filled out. Time to start posting, right?

Almost, but you need to find a solid social media management tool first.

In fact, a good social media management tool is vital to the success of any small business social media marketing campaign.

It lets you easily schedule content to multiple social media accounts at once—so you'll never need to copy-and-paste the same message from one social network to another again.

Additionally, social media management apps let you monitor social media. You can see all inbound messages, comments, replies, and DMs, so you can stay on-top of customer inquiries without having to check social network individually.

But most importantly, some social media management apps offer social media reporting tools. You can use these to track your growth, engagement, and other important KPI's. Use this to find what you're doing right and wrong on social, and tweak your posts accordingly—more on that later.

Here at Social Report, we've spent the better part of a decade working on making the perfect social media marketing tool for small businesses.

Our tool has everything a small business needs to get started on social media. From our posting tools to our reporting suite to our nifty social search tool, we developed each tool with small businesses in mind.

Some of our stand-out small business features include in-depth reporting, Shopify and eBay integration, and individual team member accounts. And starting at just $49 per month, the price is right, too.

What are you waiting for? Try Social Report free for 30 days.

Now for the fun part: it's time to get posting!

Make sure that you're posting relevant content to your audience. Try and mix it up a bit too: post a mixture of your own content, third-party content, and company announcements/promotional pieces.

This will keep your audience engaged with your social media—just make sure all of the content you're posting is high quality and provides real value to your audience.

Additionally, make sure that you're using photos and videos in your social media posts. Statistics show that Tweets with images get 150% more engagements than those without, so use this to your advantage.

Finally, make sure your content is well-optimized before you post it to social media. Earlier this week we posted 7 easy ways to optimize your social content, so follow the steps there and you'll be welcomed with more engagement.

So, you've been running your small business social media campaign for awhile now. Now, it's time to reflect on your work by taking a look at your social media analytics.

We recommend taking a look at a few different social metrics: engagements, total reach, and conversions. You can use tools like Social Report to pull this data instantly—just navigate to the reporting tab.

Check out our full guide to social media metrics for more information. This easy-to-digest guide will help you learn what you should be tracking as well as what you can learn from each metric.

Then, tweak your content accordingly. If you see that you're getting low engagement numbers, spice post more content that's relevant to your audience. But whatever you do, always make sure your social media marketing changes are data-backed.

And there you have it: the ultimate guide to social media marketing for small business. Your business can't afford to not be on social media in 2019, so put the time into making your business' social media presence today.

Need an awesome social media management tool for your small business? Try Social Report free.

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