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Top 6 Tips to Get More Profit from Your Twitter Account - Cascade Business News

Last updated: 08-06-2019

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Top 6 Tips to Get More Profit from Your Twitter Account - Cascade Business News

Do you need more followers? More public attention? And, finally, more conversions? Rethink your approach to social media marketing. Don’t underestimate its power of influence and target audience engagement. The right approach to social media marketing can increase brand awareness and quickly spark conversations around your brand.

Let’s consider one of the most popular social media giants – Twitter. This world-famous social network can become a huge source of website traffic, sales, and bring plenty of other benefits to your business. Tweets, re-tweets, the latest news, and the most actual conversations – everything happens fast on Twitter today. In this article, we’re going to outline 6 essential tips that will help your business get more profit from your Twitter account.

Any kind of relationship means continuous and fast information exchange between the two. Twitter gives the perfect opportunity to do this. On the one hand, you can use the Twitter account for customer support, since people often try to connect with a brand and tell about their issues via social media channels. Don’t focus your attention solely on acquiring new customers, but also on keeping the current ones happy.

Twitter allows to quickly respond to the customer’s requests and to get real-time information about user experience. You might be surprised but Twitter, treated wisely, can become a rich source of information that will help you shape your user experience improvement strategy and, consequently, increase the number of sales.

On the other hand, Twitter, especially when simplified with extra , is the right place to share the latest company news and insights, interact with the customers in the post comments, retweet user-generated content, and share own eye-catching product visuals. All this allows one to demonstrate that a brand cares about customer feedback, to show that a company is always open to communication and keeps abreast of the latest needs and wants of its target audience.

Many companies actively employ email marketing since this is a big slice of the digital marketing pie today. People from your email lists are those who have already chosen to hear news from your brand, so they’re the most likely to choose to listen to your new offers again. You can target them in your advertising campaign on Twitter. It opens up a great opportunity to get more conversions. Every marketer knows that retargeting advertising campaign always works best.

Have you started a flash-sale? Why not share it on Twitter. Usually, people don’t monitor what’s going on your web store until you tell about this on social media. It’s more likely they will get this important information timely by just scrolling the Twitter news feed.

Many companies used to share their coupon codes on Twitter and proved to increase the number of sales. These codes are specific to Twitter and entered at the store register. From our own experience, the coupons on Twitter often outperform even social media advertising and PPC campaigns.

Is it possible to imagine a better way to pick user-generated content than social networks? Especially when it comes to Twitter. People often like to share feedback, images, and videos of the products they use. And tag the product manufacturer, of course. You will always be notified when a new piece of user-generated content appears on Twitter.

It gives many benefits to a brand. First, user-generated content greatly enriches the content on a brand profile. Second, it creates the effect of social proof and recognition on media. By sharing positive customers’ feedback and user-generated visual content, a company can significantly increase customer loyalty.

Moreover, when a brand shares user-generated content on Twitter, customers feel that they are heard and valued by their favorite brand.

A brand’s honesty is one of today. To be honest on social networks – that’s what most customers expect from their loved brand. To err is human. All of us make mistakes. But, to apologize for your mistakes and make the right conclusions after this is a privilege of a smart human. Demonstrate it to your customers. Twitter is a great place for this.

Most of your customers are following your brand on Twitter. If your website or products faced temporarily problems notify your customers about it on Twitter. By apologizing on social networks, you show people that you respect your customers and that you care about their product interaction experience. Respect is the key to business success.

Social listening is a marketing technique every business can greatly benefit from. Brand mention monitoring on Twitter allows you to get precious information about what the publicity is talking about your company. And, believe us, it is the most honest kind of feedback.

Are you sure you know whether people complain about your customer support or products? You might not get this information because some customers haven’t written directly to your support team, but they have posted their feedback on Twitter. This social network is a powerful tool of monitoring that helps be aware of your customers’ most pressing issues.

We hope, these social media marketing tips will help you gain a better understanding of how to raise your brand profitability using Twitter, and spread your brand’s voice across the masses. Take care of your Twitter business account and you’ll see how it’s quickly becoming a valuable source of web store traffic, user experience information, and sales.

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