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5 Reasons Why Animated Explainer Videos Could Boost Your Social Media Campaigns

Last updated: 06-13-2019

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5 Reasons Why Animated Explainer Videos Could Boost Your Social Media Campaigns

Animated videos are everywhere! The reason why is that consumers can easily become entranced by a short animated video (who doesn’t love a good cartoon, right?).

And businesses are using videos to their full advantage on their social media marketing campaigns.

If you want to create a memorable and effective video that will dazzle your online followers, then hiring an animated video production company might be the way to go.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, are the places where people gain information on just about anything.

People enjoy the fact that they can keep themselves entertained when they are feeling bored and/or want to lighten their moods.

Plus, they get to connect with their friends and loved ones by sharing and messaging.

Consumers share original animated videos because such videos are informative, creative, engaging, and even inspiring. On the other hand, businesses also share these videos for a variety of purposes.

These purposes include marketing in an engaging and unique way and making sales presentations to prospective customers.

Animated explainer videos make an excellent choice for a business’s content marketing strategy because of their emotional and psychological appeal.

In the social media generation, video has turned into the easiest online content to share. On Facebook, people like photos twice as much as they like text.

But they share videos 12 times more than links and text combined. And on Twitter, users share 700 videos every minute. Now that’s amazing!

Thus, video posting, watching, and sharing is now defining a new era of internet users. Both big and small online companies are turning their efforts to online video production.

And that’s where animated explainer videos are playing their main role. Online, these videos effectively reach out to potential customers by demonstrating a product or service in less than two minutes.

Here are 5 reasons why animated explainer videos (or AEVs) could boost your social media campaigns and drive more sales.

More and more every day, internet and social media networks are turning to visual, emotional and quickly engaging media.

An animated explainer video combines all three aspects in the most cost-effective way. And it does so while describing your product or service better than any other online content, such as an infographic.

You can use animated explainer videos to deliver complex ideas in a simple way. You can create engaging visual metaphors by combining those ideas.

At the same time, you can present enticing experiences on an emotional level. Plus, your explanatory and effective content can cause people to share your video.

Video has the potential to grow conversions by up to 60% on average because of its visuals, attractive storytelling, and even its lovable characters.

As you might already know, mobile devices are influencing the sharing of video content on social media.

With the advent of cartoons and animations on mobile devices and the transition of mobile networks, people can’t seem to get enough of videos.

Today, the latest smartphones have the capacity to display videos, photos, and other rich content in HD quality. And the use of OTT messaging/sharing applications such as Whatsapp and Viber has become widespread.

Currently, video makes up 50% of all mobile online traffic, and this traffic is expected to grow by 61% in the next 2 years (Cisco).

As this trend continues, it is in every business’s best interest to focus on creating mobile-friendly videos so they don’t lose that market.

All marketing specialists are aware that their efforts must be measurable in order to know the true reach and success of their campaigns.

It can be easier and more effective to measure your video’s social media performance than to measure any other online content.

On YouTube, for instance, you can track and analyze the exact time when your video was viewed. You can also see how many times it was shared and if it was played all the way through.

YouTube also allows you to analyse your audience’s demographics, such as gender and age groups.

Apart from free basic metrics like the ones on YouTube and Vimeo, you can opt to use more complex leased services, such as VidYard or Wistia.

These provide more in-depth information, including the amount of re-watches from the same user or the full viewership rates of your video.

When any video goes viral,it genuinely generates free distribution and even free advertising. Your video has the potential to get thousands or even millions of views!

However, people sharing your video is not the same as your video going viral. Going viral means there’s an enormous leap in the quantity of shares.

You also need to know that some videos have a greater likelihood to be viral while others do not.

Although there’s no secret to viralization, we know for a fact that comedy (50%) and how-to videos (38%) are the most likely to become viral.

AEVs have both qualities because they explain the product or services in an engaging and perhaps funny way.

As a result, they could easily go viral and eventually increase their marketing benefits for your business.

With just a single investment in an explainer video production company, you can boost every one of your marketing campaigns.

This possibility is available through social media, mobile communication, email, your business presentations, and even your blog and website.

The cool thing about animated marketing videos are that they’re visual, they’re emotional, and they’re effective, no matter where you put them.

AEVs can be your greatest business tool for providing a boost to your social media marketing.

They’re also an affordable investment that generates branding and boosts conversions and sales. And the good news is that you can also use them in every kind of online marketing campaign.

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