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14 Blogging Tips That Will Make Your Blog Profitable - Moss Media

Last updated: 03-14-2019

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14 Blogging Tips That Will Make Your Blog Profitable - Moss Media

Are you wondering what blogging tips you can use to make your blog profitable? Are you looking for the best blog tips to make profits from your new blog? The most common advice you receive for blogging till date are:

But, no one will tell you about the profits that you can make with blogging. Even we cannot give you numbers or figures you can make as profits from your blog, but yes, we can always tell you how to do so.

We all are passionate about blogging, and we want and deserve a reward for it.

Blogs with the right audience, traffic, and attention are the most popular ones. They are getting the maximum traffic and shares which are on a constant increase if the article has something for the audience. The blogs that show people how to be better with their money, body, time management, health, and to become a better parent gets the maximum traffic.

People want to know more and in a much simpler way. So, anything which can give them quality information about relevant subjects in a modest yet unique way becomes popular.

And, there is a process (successful blogging tips for writers) that will make your blog popular.

Well, you might have written a wow blog post. However, you need people to know about it. It should appear in the search results, and for this reason, you must know about Google ranking and the metrics.

Thus, to understand the entire process, we here present relevant information on how to make your blog profitable.  To begin with, let us disclose some;

We have assembled four blogging myths for your consideration. Enjoy the reading.

You can write about anything as long as the write-up is exciting and informative. You might enjoy writing for your passion, but as long as you write interesting, you will have your audience.

The niche you have a passion for my not be profitable. Hence, what matters is that you have to balance love and profitability when choosing a blogging niche.

It is a myth; thorough research is what you need to perform each time you want to write a blog post. To don’t have to be an expert to create or make your blog profitable.

Even if you have a degree to the topic, there are updates, new information, and other data which you are not aware of in your niche market. This approach makes blogging a continuous learning process. Therefore, always research before writing on any topic.

Today, even if you are writing on remote topics, your audience already know about the subject. What they need is more information or new materials on the topic to help them streamline their activities.

As a result, do not write on known facts and make the blogs unnecessary long. This concept will make them lose interest, and they will look for other options plenty.

You will always have competitors in the digital marketing space, and you can still stand out with your unique content. No matter if they have already established their authority, you can always invade the market with your unique tone.

Now, that we have disclosed a few common myths about blogging, let us move on to the;

Here are the 14 proven blogging tips for business writers that will make your blog more profitable. Once you appear in the search results with these indispensable blog writing tips, the blog automatically gets promoted and generates the right traffic.

The success of your blog or your blog’s profitability depends on the blogging niche you choose; that is why our first blogging tips for this article is about choosing the right topic. Some marketing and bloggers will tell you to pick a niche you have a passion for, but you agree that love is NOT equivalent to profits.

You may write incredible pieces on the niche you are passionate about, for instance, and publish your work frequently. But you realize that you have no readers for your content-nobody reads your materials.

Truthfully, you are not going to make any profits from your blog no matter how good your content, because your passion is not going to drive traffic to your site, neither will it bring in quality leads who can buy what you are offering.

For example, if you’re using Adsense, you need a large target audience to generate substantial income. You need these a vast audience to buy you what you sell. Thus, when choosing a blogging niche, select a profitable niche. That is the only way you can make money blogging.

Elna Cain recently compiled a list of the eight most profitable blogging niche on her blog. Susan Velez put together eleven blogging niches that drive the most traffic and make you money. Have a look!

Our second blogging tips are honing your blogging skills because without being able to write informative content, nobody will read your posts. However, is it wrong for a blogger to map-mind his thoughts before writing a post? No!

There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, I have written on the subject and encourage newbie bloggers to map-mind the ideas they want to write about, and this strategy involves the use of an outline.

However, it only becomes a wrong concept if your ideas are not in harmony with what is trending in your niche. In other words, what you’re writing is not what your audience want to read, even if your beliefs are exceptional.

Funnily enough, other bloggers are writing the same content on other blogs, and your piece does not outclass previously released articles on that subject. So, to make it worthwhile and profitable, incorporate new ideas into the existing notions. Add a tested and confirmed framework to your thoughts.

That is how you improve your blogging skills. If you can offer your readers more value on already published materials, you will attract more readers and make profits from your blog.

Furthermore, hone your blogging skills by learning from pro bloggers in your niche. Many of them have courses–free and premium that will cut your learning curve in half.

Let’s face it; you cannot develop a profitable blog without a content distribution strategy in place, because expert content distribution tactics will take your blog content directly to your target audience.

Your distribution plan will assist you in strengthening the relationship that exists between you and your ideal reader and also enables you to build trust with your blog community-thereby urging them to take the desired action.

Ryan Biddulph released an interesting article that explains how to build a devote blogging community for your blog.

On this account, to aid you to create a compelling blog delivery approach, first figure out the goals of your blog marketing campaign. In this context, you have two easy choices of operation; that is; you either apply the paid strategy or use the organic approach.

Either way, there is no winner, because marketers are having incredible successes using both channels. As mentioned earlier, it relies on your blogging and content intentions. Janice Wald, Founder & CEO of Mostly Blogging published an exciting material on how to create a compelling content distribution strategy.

Is selling your course or digital product a bad idea? No, and it never will, because selling own digital product gives you control of the market and everything in between. However, before you launch your product, you have to be sure that your offer will sell, so that you will not waste your efforts.

For example, I remember reading about Melyssa Griffin, how she started blogging from Japan as Necta Collectives, struggling to make it work, while combining blogging and teaching. And finally, she found her lines, created her online course. Today, she is one of the most successful bloggers, traveling the world doing philanthropic work.

Did she just develop a digital product and push it to the market? No, she experimented.

Here is what I mean; perform tests on different products to identify what offers your audience love-the products they are buying. That is where affiliate marketing comes to play.

The best way to test the market to find what your target market is buying is to get your hands wet with affiliate marketing. By promoting different relevant affiliate offers, you will pinpoint the best converting output, and it will give you a clear picture of what type of online product to create.

The best part is; while you are busy testing the market to pick the best performing product, you’re also making money at the same time. Thus, affiliate marketing is among the best blogging tips that will make you a profitable blog.

The graph below shows that podcasting has seen year-over-year growth. The popularity of this digital marketing tool has grown steadily over the years that 5 in 10 Americans have listened to a podcast, with 70% being familiar with podcast.

According to Edison Research, people spend an average of 17 hours per week listening to audio content. And as you can see from the graph, podcasting is not slowing down. From sports to key media institutions, every organization and individuals like you are turning to podcasts as a means to reach and communicate a brand message with their target market.

Thus, use this blogging tip (podcast) to grow your blog.

There are several forums with high domain authority (DA) and do-follow attributes which are excellent ways to increase your website’s backlinks.

Make sure to identify these forums and figure out the best ones for your blogs. It may take some time, but the results are game-changing. All you need to do is apply to become a member of such forums.

Harsh Agrawal published a list of high authority do-follow forums that will boost your site’s backlink. Have a look to figure out the best ones for your blog.

Email is the most popular yet underused method to communicate with your community. Create an email list, add details of the potential readers and shoot an interesting mail to them. However, you need to manage time between publishing your blog and notifying readers.

You may have heard or read that money is in the list, and that’s true. You might not know it, but the truth is that the size of your email list determines your blog income. Why is that so? Here’s why!

Let’s say you have 10,000 subscribers on your list, and you send out an offer you’re selling for $97 per download to your list, and 1% of subscribers respond and buy your offering. Do the maths; 1% of 10,000 equals 1,000, therefore, 1,000 x 97 = $97,000.

And if you can boost your list to 1% more quality leads, that means more money to your Bank account.

In view of this, make growing your email list a priority. Hence, email recipients right away about your posts and offers because too much delay in notifying them will take away the essence of your article or offerings and so will not motivate them to click through.

Your blog should be like a hot cake when presented to your email recipients. As such, once published, email them immediately and let them know about your new post.

Personalize your message and make recommendations accordingly.

This personalized recommendation always works; even if they do not have time to read, they will remember you in the back of the mind and recognize you when you appear in the search results. Hence, these make for successful blogging tips for writers

Like books, eBooks are for the digital audience who love reading on the screen. This tactic is the new age demand because most people get hooked to the monitor. The internet is their workspace, and they prefer to read their books and journal online.

To that end, make your blog appear right on their screen with eBooks and let the reader get access to your content. That is where mobile marketing comes to play since most internet users are accessing the web through mobile devices.

In light of this, make your blog compatible with all screens, including mobile devices. After all, you do not know how your reader will try to reach you and on which device.

A successful content marketing strategy is where website visitors and users engage with your blog content and do not drift away due to boring content. Consequently, you must make your boring blog post more interesting to read.

You can do this by adding images, videos, infographics, podcasts, and other interesting visual materials to help you improve user engagement and website user experience (UX).

Strangely enough, not everyone likes to read long essays and posts; many users love to engage with visual content than text format. For example, a study reveals that if you add a video to your landing page, it can boost conversion by 80%.

Further analysis shows that 60% of business executives consent that they would watch a video if both text and video content over text on the same topic.

Already, 60% of marketers have invested in product video and 42% in how-to educational videos. Hence, video content is a remarkable marketing strategy that will help you capture and retain the attention of your target buyer.

For this reason, try to infuse your blog with these blogging tips and pointers to make to your target audience stick around your blog.

Your blogs natural growth is critical, and it begins right from inception until the entire lifespan of your blog. You need to learn how to appear in search results of popular search engines like:

This step will give you access to income with ads from pay-per-click (PPC), also known as cost-per-click (CPC) and pay-per-mille (PPM) advertising. To make your blog SEO friendly, you need to write SEO friendly content with the use of relevant keywords and images to optimization your blog post.

With these pointers, you can always get your blog SEO optimized. Search engine optimization also involves other factors such as; website’s loading speed, ad-to-content ratio, implementation of social sharing buttons for user experience.

Everyone is now on social media and smart marketers are using social media marketing to convert followers to buyers.  You will find your audience on social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thus, set up social profiles including a Facebook fan page for your blog, try to get enough likes and comments from your friends and followers for your Facebook page. It will enable you to build a targeted audience for your blog via your page and positively impact your Google search results.

Apply the same process for Twitter where you can create a different profile for your domain. It adds to your Twitter profile and will provide an alternate channel to subscribe to your blog.

There are plenty of metrics available which give the right information on visitors’ behavior on your website, including bounce rate, and other vital data that are useful to figure out what is working for your blog and what is not working.

All you need is to devote some time to analyze your site’s data to recognize your content performance. If you can understand how your blog content is perorming–how visitors are interacting with your posts, you will better calculate the content types they love to engage with, and those that put them off.

This report offers you a thorough platform to create more informative content that will improve your website trafficand bounce rate. Many website owners who have personal blogs are not able to maintain their blogs because they generally don’t have much time to write a blog.

Consequently, if you are in this situation (where you are not able to write your blog posts), you have the option to hire a qualified freelance writer to create quality, well-researched content for your blog regularly.

Although we have read much about guest blogging on authority sites, we added it here on the list of tips to emphasize the essence of this marketing practice. Arfa Nazeer’s post gives you more than enough reasons why you should make guest blogging part of your campaign.

The sites you are contributing to, have their dedicated readership already, and your blog will take advantage of their audience to boost your visibility. You will be able to acquire a new audience from those websites and increase traffic to your blog.

However, you need to do a bit of homework before taking the plunge. Study the niche they publish, analyze their writing style to make sure your guest post is in harmony with their brand voice.

This process will be immensely helpful to you because guest posting always generates backlinks to your blog or website–making it one of the most successful blogging tips for writers to make your blog profitable.

If you manage to get comments from your viewers, it means that you have an interactive site. Google loves websites that are interactive as they fulfill the need of the search engine- to give them accurately what they want.

So, if you get reviews, updates and comments from your viewership (even negative comments also work for SEO) you are doing great with your post. In consequence, make comments (commenting on other blogs) a part of your blogging tips for business.

Use the tips here to write epic blog comment that will get you noticed by influencers in your industry. Lisa Sicard disclosed why you need influencers in your marketing activities.

To make your blog profitable, you need to apply the blogging tips in this article and frequently provide your readers with fresh, actionable, and useful content. In that way, you’ll win your audience’s trust and develop a loyal blogging community. You should remember to measure your blog’s performance regularly to find what is working and to improve your strategy.

Seeking to boost the return on investment (ROI) of your blog legitimately will set you up for the long run. Thus, do not explore shortcuts or any other manipulative ways as Google can completely erase you.

Apply the steps in this article to help you make your blog more profitable. We would like to know the most successful blogging tips you’re using to make profits from your blog.

Derek Luise is working as a Jr. content writer and blogger with Ranking By SEO. He can be seen blogging about digital marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC, etc.

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