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Which Brands Have The Best Social Media Marketing? - Mike Gingerich

Last updated: 05-20-2019

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Which Brands Have The Best Social Media Marketing? - Mike Gingerich

We have always witnessed and admired huge marketing campaigns from global top-most brands like Apple, Pepsi, Adidas and Coca Cola among others. These market leaders invest millions of dollars on viral commercials, and influencer marketing that never goes unnoticed. Unfortunately, not every brand has the financial muscles to compete with the giants. But, no need to worry!

In the last couple of years, social media has leveled the ground for marketers. It is no longer about the company size or the budget. Today, any business can use social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many others to run effective marketing campaigns without spending millions. Additionally, there are several helpful tools such asrank tracking software by serpbook to enhance your digital marketing strategy.

In today’s digital world, SMM is undoubtedly one of the most marketing tools for small to large brands in the world. However, some companies have succeeded in social media, while others are still struggling. It all runs down to the strategy.  For effective social media marketing strategy, you need creativity and unique online marketing ideas which involves:

For most brands, the main challenge has always been coming up with creative ideas to execute the right strategy. Below are a few top brands with the best social media marketing campaigns.

Top Brands with the Best Social Media Marketing Strategy

The brand is known for its quality shoes and sportswear. Reebok SMM strategy focus on multi-platform digital marketing across a range of social networks. On Instagram and Facebook the brand uses colorful fitness and latest Reebok products photos. It also generates informative visual content for the YouTube Channel.

Surprisingly, Reebok stands out for its successful LinkedIn marketing. Their secret is not only regular update posts, it also creates valuable content for its audience as well as shares links to their blog. Reebok understand its audience and uses videos, simple formatting and photos to attract audience and encourage them to read through.

A legend in production of toaster pastries, the brand’s Twitter account does it all. Pop-Tart maintains a sarcastic voice on Twitter with a target on young and Twitter-biased demographic. The brand mimics popular accounts and are quick to create their version of any viral or trending content. The brand has over 164, 000 followers on Twitter and more brands in the sector have started to copy their style because it pays off.

Pop-Tart SMM success comes from actively interacting with their audience in a funny way. It works because they have identified the right audience and defined a SMM tone that suits them.

Peel has become a powerful brand that deals with stylish phone cases. Its strength comes from its massive social support, especially on Facebook. Peel marketers use Facebook ads to showcase the different features of their products. The Facebook strategy has increased its revenue by over 100%. It also runs a visually impressive Instagram feed.  Peel focuses on differentiating themselves from competitor and telling their story through SMM.

In summary, the common thing across the above brand is simple. A successful SMM starts with understanding your audience and choosing a channel that they use most. It is also evident that choosing a style and tone for your marketing strategy is vital and can win you the right followership. Additionally, it helps to try various strategies, measure their effectiveness and focus on one or two that works best for you.

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