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The Importance Of Technical SEO For Online Reputation Management

Last updated: 06-19-2019

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The Importance Of Technical SEO For Online Reputation Management

The Importance Of Technical SEO For Online Reputation Management
June 16, 2019
by Recover Reputation
When people think about search engine optimization (SEO), the first things many consider are content and links. Having high-quality content is certainly key. Backlink building is crucial. But the backbone of your SEO strategy should always be technical SEO , the process of optimizing your website for crawling and indexing. Without your content getting crawled, indexed, and ranked you will have no shot of gaining organic traffic from Google searches and improving your online reputation.
With all the evidence on technical SEO being essential , we can easily say that without it, no website will achieve high rank in leading search engines. So read on to keep learning about modern search engine optimization and the importance of technical SEO below!
Technical SEO is the science of search. It is bringing together what you be acquainted with and testing it. Google won’t always inform you the truth about what works best, and may not inevitably know them. You have to pore through technical specifications, stack exchange and webmaster central as well as conducting your own experiments and testing what you know. More sensibly it is not just about going through the same tired checklist of robots.txt, 301 redirects and pipes vs. hyphens, but on the subject of working with all other fundamentals of a broader SEO tactic and with the client’s development, marketing, senior management and web teams to present the best possible version of their site to the globe.
Without technical SEO improving crawling and indexing , no website will rank very well in Google searches. We can say that the entire process should be always making content optimization and off-page activities as integral part to ensure high SERP ranking.
The main purpose of this piece of writing is to assert that technical SEO can quiche your website up for leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing but it can’t bring money. It is this incorrect assertion that forces us to discuss about some of the aspects of technical SEO in details.
Substandard Migration
It has been observed that many clients go for migration but don’t shell out information or opt for full service. What they generally say to experts that they have their development team who are taking care of the entire migration process. Hence, we can expect is a failed migration.
Things That Can Go Wrong During Migration:
No proper 301 mapping
.htaccess rules are not written competently
Staging environment gets indexed
Dissimilar versions of Apache / PHP / jQuery between environments
Faceted Navigation or Search
This is one of the most common technical SEO problem faced by those who work in ecommerce projects. Do you know how to deal with such issues?
Create duplicate content
Use canonical or no index in robots.txt
Check which navigation can be indexed and which can’t
Consider adding or deleting facets
Consider re-writing URLs and count the number of URLs to be re-written
Check the number of products to be displayed per page of a website
Hreflang Implementation
Hreflang is not the simplest thing to accomplish and is time and again done imperfectly. People forget to self-reference, use the erroneous codes, use incomplete codes, miss just one area from their list, don’t include all versions of the page or simply fail to remember to recurrently review their implementation.
Any one of those errors can break the whole implementation process and leave you with duplicate content and rapidly falling rankings.
Optimizing Site Speed
This is conceivably one of the most sweeping technical issues a SEO professional can deal with. It is also one of the most commonly unnoticed and poorly addressed; due in part to the wide choice of skills required to completely address it, but also due to the outlay of a lot of the solutions. Page load speed can be affected from simple things like large image sizes, too many HTTP requests and multiple DNS lookups all the way to poorly configured servers or poor coding.
Technical SEO Takes Your Online Reputation To The Next Level
Optimizing your online presence with content, backlinks, social media, and reviews are incredibly important. Just don’t forget about the big business benefits of technical SEO when it comes to improving your online reputation management.
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