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3 Major Issues to Keep in Mind When Recruiting Millennials | Recruitment Juice

Last updated: 01-26-2020

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3 Major Issues to Keep in Mind When Recruiting Millennials | Recruitment Juice

3 Major Issues to Keep in Mind When Recruiting Millennials
/in Recruitment , Technology /by Helen Eagleton
Each generation of workers can be characterised by unique skills, personality traits, and experiences. Millennials, who were born between 1981 and 2000, are one of the more unique generations of our time. This generation has had access to an incredible amount of technology for most of their lives, and they are exceptionally technologically savvy.
They are also used to being able to instantly find out how to do things with a simple Internet search or learn what friends and family members are up to with a quick look at social media accounts. These are only a few of the characteristics that differentiate millennials from others, and you should keep in mind some important things if you plan to hire them in the near future. Here are three major issues to consider.
The concept of finding a happy and productive work-life balance is critical to many workers and doesn’t necessarily apply only to millennials. However, older generations grew up expecting to work hours away from home, commute for hours each day and deal with a gender pay gap in the workplace.
On the other hand, millennials have loftier goals that include the ability to telecommute as needed and the ability to get a fair amount of compensation and benefits for their contributions, regardless of their age or gender. They also may not be interested in sacrificing their lifestyle or free time for the sake of advancing their career. While they are hard workers, millennials are often focused on producing results rather than punching a clock.
Millennials want the freedom to choose how, when and where they work, but they also want to balance work with free time. Some young adults in this generation are delaying starting a family until their 30s or later, and one reason for this is the desire travel and see the world in their younger years.
Some millennials are even digital nomads, who are able to work in any location where their travels take them. This has transformed the entire work-life experience in considerable ways, so make sure to reward them with opportunities such as flexible hours or telecommuting. They will appreciate it.
By now, most generations have learned how to use advanced technology reasonably well and are eager to adopt new technology for the sake of efficiency, productivity and convenience. Moving at their own pace, older workers are getting acquainted with the high-tech world.
Millennials, however, are way faster than that: they spent their formative years surrounded by technology and are often quick to adapt to new technological changes and innovations. In addition to learning how to use new features quickly and easily in most cases, they also commonly use technology to stay in contact with both personal and professional contacts.
Millennials also use technology in many aspects of their workday. As workers, they are always up to date on the current technology trends in business. To keep up with that, you should also be updated on all the news and trends: it will help you decide what kind of position is best suited for them.
You should also keep in mind that these are generally mobile workers who are used to working off of a laptop and cell phone in a wide range of settings, and they avoid traditional work methods that create unnecessary waste, such as when printing documents.
Furthermore, many millennials also have a strong professional digital presence, and they often have their own private landing page, blog, social media accounts or other digital features. This is also something you should consider when hiring a new millennial .
When you think about a younger generation of workers, you may think about young individuals who are relatively naïve to the ways of the world and who are not open to receiving advice and feedback. This is not the case with millennials, however.
Millennials actually crave feedback so that they can find ways to improve themselves going forward. They desire access to advanced levels of education in their personal and professional lives alike, and they actively seek out criticism so that they can be motivated to improve in the future.
Many millennials understand the important role of all contributions to a project or endeavour, and many are perfectly content making a small, meaningful contribution rather than playing a major role in a project. Some may be more focused on developing skills and learning the ropes rather than actually climbing the corporate ladder and advancing in their career.
Also, many millennials are proactive about self-improvement. While they want you, as their employer, to provide constructive criticism, they also make seek out feedback on their own. To sum up, keep in mind to give them relevant and constructive feedback on their work at all times: it will keep them motivated and productive.
If you plan to hire millennials or if you want to ensure that the millennials on your team are receiving the full level of support, consider these important factors.
While millennials share some personality traits with other generations, you may be surprised by how unique they are from previous generations. Turn your attention to these important points to maximise the benefit that millennial workers can provide to your company.

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