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5 Ways to Get Creative with Employer Branding | Recruitment Juice

Last updated: 01-22-2020

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5 Ways to Get Creative with Employer Branding | Recruitment Juice

5 Ways to Get Creative with Employer Branding
/in Leadership , Recruitment /by Tony Solomon
A great majority of companies tend to invest a lot of resources in the branding of their products. That is why we often associate a company with a product and soon enough, the product becomes a sort of a foundation for their brand.
But for some time now, companies have been using employer branding as a source of attracting new talent. This strategy was usually specifically created for recruitment, but soon enough, companies realised that this was also a perfect way to get them closer to clients.
There are several things that need to be included in creating the overall company brand, and they range from various recruiting policies to the work environment and reputation. Below, you will find ideas that will help your business become the brand for the best talent out there.
Reward Successful Employees
It is common for companies to recognise the most diligent and loyal among their employees by rewarding them. By doing this, they promote responsibility and show recognition for handling the everyday workload. This kind of responsibility is commendable and attracts people to be a part of the company. The reward system can encompass all sorts of extraordinary achievements by the employees over a period of time, or upon project completion.
The rewards are usually monetary, but can also include some kind of a memorabilia in the form of a popular product of the company specifically designed for the employee, or even a paid holiday.
Whatever you decide on, make sure that you do not create bad blood between your employees since that can have a negative impact on your reputation and brand, as well as not to go overboard with the types of incentives and bonuses you plan to give.
Creating a Friendly Atmosphere
A company which cares about its employees and their well-being will be at the top of the list for many job seekers. Millennials are not easily won over and they can lose interest if they do not like the offer or realise that it is all an act. Never underestimate the power of the Internet and the reputation you will get through word of mouth. A satisfied employee is the best asset to leverage for attracting new people and reinventing yourself as a brand.
Not Being Cheap
You cannot afford to neglect to brand your offices as well. Recruiters that work in a branded space will have a better sense of who they represent, which in turn increases their success rates. So, if you use B2B platforms such as Yakportal to equip your office, job seekers will see you as a modern and highly developed company wisely investing in the best means to draw in potential buyers as well as new employees.
Recruiting Consumers
Have you ever heard about brand ambassadors? It is a name for people who like your product and your brand so much that they are willing to promote you and praise you just because they believe that you are a wonderful employer. These kinds of admirers are considered by many HR professionals to be the best future employees. Not only do they already have a positive attitude, but will also be highly motivated to work.
Humanising a Brand via Great Storytelling
Never underestimate the power of a good story . How you present yourself through job ads and social media profiles will be your story not only for those applying but also for those who will in the future. You should expect to be compared to other companies performing the same activities as you, but also to all others who are admired for their remarkable internal relations and working conditions. So, follow the newest trends on how to create an appealing and interactive profile and on what platforms you will get the most audience.
Taking Your Business to Another Level
It may be frightening to take so many variables into account but it will actually be beneficial for you, your employees and your brand. Employer branding will take the business world to a new much-needed level, where everyone involved in the company or its business, be it the CEO, employees, clients, customers or associates will promote its values and stay loyal to the overall entity and not just to the products or services.

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