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5 Simple SEO Tips for Your Recruitment Agency | Recruitment Juice

Last updated: 11-23-2019

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5 Simple SEO Tips for Your Recruitment Agency | Recruitment Juice

5 Simple SEO Tips for Your Recruitment Agency
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Recruitment websites should be developed and designed in such a way that they support the recruitment process. This is by attracting more talent and bringing more applications from candidates who are looking for new opportunities. However, having just a good designed recruitment website is not enough.
To ensure that it works, you have to make sure that your website is SEO friendly and can easily be found by Google and other dominant search engines. It will help online clients find your site through browser searches and at last improve your conversions.
Below you will find 5 useful tips that you can apply to your recruitment agency website to boost your online presence.
1. Do keyword research and optimize your website
You should start your SEO strategy through researching keywords that are related to the jobs you offer and your services; find out whether people are searching for them and also how competitive those keywords are. There’s no point in targeting a keyword that you think is relevant to your recruitment agency if no one is searching for these terms. When you have a list of key names or phrases, ensure that you apply them to your website. Always make sure that you’re smart with keyword usage, however, don’t overpower your site with a lot of keywords in every piece of content because you may have an opposite negative effect and your website may receive a spam penalty from Google.
2. Update your Recruitment Site With New Content
Google prefers websites that are frequently updated with new quality contents. Posting your job offers is quick and easy to add more pages that are relevant to your site. This may even help you rank better for industries and the job titles that you have available. Writing articles with targeted keywords is another way to keep your site fresh. It will attract more new users and keep them active on your website for longer.
3. Be active on social media
Although social media doesn’t have a direct impact on your recruitment website ranking, it is an excellent channel for Search Engine Marketing strategy to attract new candidates to your site and boost awareness. Make sure you do some research and decide which social media platform best work for you and the type of messages that you’ll be sending. There’s no point in sending all your jobs across all social media platforms, however, find the one that brings you visitors that are more likely to apply for a job and then post them on this platform. Including locations, hashtags and job titles usually work better. You may even consider investing in PPC campaigns to get more fans and followers.
4. Measure your recruitment website performance
If you would like to measure the success of your website, ensure that your recruitment website has Google Analytics set up. This tool provides you with an overview of your website performance. You can see when and how visitors access your site and how they behave towards the website. Google Analytics will also show you the pages that your potential audience visit before they apply for jobs, if they are using mobile phones and whether they are returning or new visitors. This information is very important for further website improvements and for your marketing strategies.
5. Make sure that your site is mobile-friendly
It’s not just for their convenience that users can access your website via their mobile devices; nowadays, Google checks whether your site is mobile friendly. If your recruitment agency website is not responsive to small devices, for example, if your images are not optimized, or the font size is too small, or the buttons are finger tap unfriendly, your website may be punished by Google  with a low overall ranking and by not indexing your site pages for mobile searches.
If you don’t have time to do the above or some of it is a little too technical, you don’t have to panic. SEO Hertfordshire, which is a Digital Marketing Agency, is well equipped to do this for you. Our SEO consultants will help you improve your website’s online presence. Make sure you find us for the best results of your recruitment business.

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