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If You’re Not Recruiting Online, You’re Not Recruiting - Modern Hire

Last updated: 11-17-2019

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If You’re Not Recruiting Online, You’re Not Recruiting - Modern Hire

In today’s digital environment, here’s the one question recruiters must get right: Have you got the tools for the job? Online recruiting technologies continue to advance the hiring function, enabling TA teams to get their first-choice candidates in the door faster. The tools to recruit online have become vital for

TA teams who recruit online use digital tools to interact electronically with passive and active candidates at every step of the hiring cycle. They’re sourcing candidates through social recruiting, enabling candidates to apply for jobs right from their smartphones, and pre-qualifying talent with on-demand text interviews. They’re engaging candidates with on-demand and live video and voice interviewing. TA teams are also using digital hiring technology to automate interview scheduling and onboard new hires.

Video job descriptions head the list for 59% of employers considering recruiting technology investments in 2019, according to the Talent Board’s annual research. Event scheduling applications were the top recruiting technology investment the prior year. Video interviewing has consistently been part of the top five tech investment list for several years.

About half (51%) of organizations are using applications that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to automate screening, sourcing and scheduling, according to Modern Hire research. Chatbots and AI-driven virtual hiring assistants help recruiters engage candidates online in a modern hiring experience that is faster, easier and more convenient than traditional processes.

To improve hiring efficiency and create a seamless candidate experience, large enterprise organizations often select a single platform for recruiting online that integrates hiring assessments as well as many of the applications mentioned above. With a single solution, recruiters can engage, qualify and schedule candidates in hours.

A digital hiring process gives recruiters competitive advantages in the talent market:

Highly-sought candidates are on today’s talent market for less than 10 days. If your organization’s hiring cycle is at the average 36-day mark or longer, it’s likely you’re missing out on candidates you need. Technologies to recruit online enable

Automating top-of-funnel tasks with online recruiting technologies extends your candidate reach and helps you find the most qualified candidates in your talent pool faster, so you spend more time with better candidates, and your interview-to-hire ratio improves. You can also scale up your hiring assessments when they’re integrated with on-demand video interviews.

For a majority of TA leaders, diversity in hiring is a priority second only to the candidate experience. When TA teams use digital tools to recruit online, they extend their reach to a wider pool of talent and provide that pool with a more consistent hiring process. AI-enabled solutions like Unbiased Candidate Review also help recruiters elevate diversity in hiring by reducing unconscious bias in the hiring process.

When you recruit online, you improve your efficiency but up to 30% each day. That’s 30% more time for relation-building and candidate engagement you get by automating many of the recruiting logistics and accelerating your process. Online dashboards can help you focus your attention where it’s needed most. Online recruiting tools that integrate with your ATS and calendaring functions help with seamless candidate management.

What do candidates think of online recruiting? Eighty percent of candidates prefer text interviews to phone screens. Of candidates who’ve interviewed using Modern Hire’s purpose-built interviewing technology:

As more organizations recruit online, candidates have come to expect electronic engagement and a digital hiring process with every job search.

Where do you start? Here are a few resources that can help:

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