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5 Digital Marketing Channels to Promote Your Recruitment Agency | Recruitment Juice

Last updated: 11-06-2019

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5 Digital Marketing Channels to Promote Your Recruitment Agency | Recruitment Juice

5 Digital Marketing Channels to Promote Your Recruitment Agency
/ 0 Comments /in Marketing , Recruitment , Social Media , Uncategorized /by Meggie Nahatakyan
As the digital age continues to break new boundaries and completely change the way consumers and users operate, company owners and businesses have to have the initiative to change and adapt with it.
Recruitment agencies are no different. There is a necessity to grow alongside each industry (or industries) your agency serves. Even your marketing has to go digital, as there becomes a need to stand out from all the noise of thousands of recruitment agencies trying to attract local customers attention.
Here’s 5 short and sweet actionable tips that your agency can apply today for your job postings (and your company!) to get noticed
Create (or update) Your Agency’s Website.
As we operate in the digital age, a website becomes your portfolio, your contact form, your trophy display case all in one. Ensure that you have a professional-looking, easy-to-navigate, people-friendly website that embodies what your recruitment agency specializes in. Incorporate on-page SEO to bring your company to at least the top 4 web search results to entice visits. Embed an organized job integration board to streamline all your company’s job listings to help increase website traffic. Finally, pepper your website with content that adds value to your market — short but professional and helpful articles on how to land a dream job or how to ace an interview. You can also promote them on the local level .
These will not only entice people to click on your site and increase your traffic, but it will also boost your credibility and trustworthiness as a recruitment agency. And if you decide to include in your website your certifications and accomplishments (you should), then your market won’t even think twice about enlisting your company’s services.
Get Active on LinkedIn
Or on any other similar platform. Ensure that your LinkedIn account is properly linked to your website, and that all information on both platforms are similar, cohesive, and updated. Job seekers commonly use LinkedIn as a jumping off point to spot job opportunities and screen companies, so beef your account up with easy-to-read company descriptions that will make your agency less intimidating. At the same time, treat the account as part of your social media. Your market is looking at you from this platform, too!
Include more valuable content like how to write strong resumes or how to ask for a raise, and share these throughout your LinkedIn account. These will back up your industry know-how and entice more website visitors to increase website traffic and really get your name out there!
Use other social media as well.
Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a great way to post job openings as the more eager job seekers are looking for those opportunities everywhere they can find it. Post eye-catching graphics with witty, age-appropriate copy to catch your target market’s attention. Join interest groups related to the industry you cater to and repurpose web content while plugging your agency’s name and website there. More importantly, sound sincerely interested in searching for recruits! It might seem hard to translate sincerity on screen, but trust us, your market can sense it!
Make the Most of Email Marketing.
Encourage people to sign up for your email newsletter and connect with previous clients via email marketing. Once your potential and existing clients have welcomed you into their inbox, keep churning out valuable content and pertinent agency or industry updates. Your clients will thank you!
Outsource your content to industry-relevant websites.
You, as the agency, should know every industry you recruit people for. Figure out which websites get a lot of traffic, and communicate that you’d like to share your original articles and content with them. This two-edged approach will provide them content, and will give your agency a leg-up by exposing you to a new market, thereby increasing website traffic and encouraging more people to job-seek via your platform!
So there you have it! It’s time to get your recruitment agency out of the woods and into those potential recruits’ radars. Your clients will be delighted that you did!

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