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Top tips to improve your onboarding process - Recruitment Insight

Last updated: 09-22-2019

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Top tips to improve your onboarding process - Recruitment Insight

Having a strong and efficient onboarding process can make the world of difference to your retention efforts. Not to mention that it can help your new hires to settle into what could be a long and successful career at the company.

Your onboarding process should be similar to your candidate experience in terms of structure and thoroughness. After all, you’ll want your new hire to settle into their new role as quickly as possible. The positives of creating a smooth transition from candidate to employee are endless.

Not only will you boost your retention rates, you’ll also improve your brand image and become a company candidates really want to work for. If you’re seen as caring and nurturing to new members of staff, other job hunters will want in.

It’s a new trend and one that is certainly here to stay. But if you don’t already have a structured, proven, onboarding process in place, what can you add to improve the process? Here’s a handy guide on best practice for improving your onboarding process and successfully onboarding new hires.

Instead of just a few introductory meetings, put in a little more thought and schedule regular meetings throughout your new hire’s first month.

As your employee begins to find their feet, continue these meetings until they’re fully settled in; this is an integral part of an effective onboarding process.

As well as this, make a habit of scheduling a weekly catch up to go over your new hire’s to-do list for the week ahead. This will not only enable you to effectively monitor their productivity and workload during their first few weeks and months; it also means you can offer a helping hand if they’re struggling, or provide more tasks if they’re keen to take on more.

While throwing a new hire in at the deep end may work with some professionals, it certainly isn’t the case for all of them. Your new hire will be far more appreciative if you ease them into your company and the way it works.

With this in mind, give your new hire the necessary training to help them succeed as soon as possible. This will help to improve their versatility.

Plus, by training them early doors, you’ll maximise your company’s productivity and nurture their potential from the outset; a sure-fire way to improve your onboarding process and show your staff you care is by helping their career progression!

If you really want your new hire to mesh with the team, then initiating strong relationships from the very beginning is important.

Take new starters around the office and introduce them to senior staff and relevant colleagues that they’ll be working closely with in the future.

This is a great ice breaker and can help a newbie settle in quicker. After all, there’s nothing worse than having to nervously try and find a colleague you’ve never met, or awkward kitchen introductions.

What’s more, you can go one step further and send a mass email introducing your new employee. Here, you can express how happy you are to have them on board, while also including their previous achievements and key projects they’ll be working on.

Make this an integral party of your onboarding process; it’s great for improving and forging new, professional relationships in the workplace and to properly welcome new employees.

If you really want your new employee to fit in with your team, maybe planning team bonding activities could be the right choice.

These don’t have to be too expensive or time-consuming. Even something as simple as a company lunch at a nearby restaurant or pub to welcome them would help. It means your employees can interact on a personal level and even forge friendships.

After all, your employees are bound to work more cohesively and productively if they actually like each other! Bonding with new colleagues and wondering if you’ll fit in can be pretty stressful when starting at a new company. But, by including this as part of your onboarding process, you’ll help to make it easier

Essentially, to have a strong, fool-proof onboarding process, you need to make your new hires feel valued and part of the team. Even something as simple as sending an email at the end of their first week to let them know how well they’re settling in can work wonders.

After all, people want to work somewhere they feel needed. So instead of just keeping an eye on them for their first few days and then letting them fend for themselves, be sure to regularly check in.

By introducing the following techniques to your onboarding process, you’ll make your new hires feel valued. Chances are, if you don’t make your employees feel like an integral member of the team throughout your onboarding process, another company will!

If you completely neglect your onboarding process, this will have a significant effect on your business. And not for the right reasons! While it may seem meticulous and tedious, it really is a worthwhile investment for your retention rates.

If you aren’t treating your new employees right with a proper onboarding process, this increases the chances of them being poached by the competition. Feeling valued is a large motivator for employees. And, in the current candidate-driven market, putting your staff’s needs first should be a priority.

With no solid onboarding process, your retention rates will plummet, which will put a real strain on your hiring efforts. The recruitment process isn’t easy; it can be costly and take a lot of time. So, you’ll want to ensure your retention rates are high. And, with a proven onboarding process, you needn’t worry!

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