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The Recruiter's Life in Emojis

Last updated: 05-29-2019

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The Recruiter's Life in Emojis

When the Barclay Jones team go into a recruiter’s sales floor it’s often a scene filled with faces akin to emojis – terror, ecstasy, disgust!

The emoji came from Japan in the late 1990s and would you believe that World Emoji Day is coming up on 17 July.  Why 17 July, well it seems that the calendar empoji has that as it’s date!  There’s also a song you can sing the anthem celebrate World Emoji Day – and no doubt right now you’re limbering up?  No?

Perhaps instead you’re scratching your heads over the existence of an entire day dedicated to emojis.  You’re concerned that you may get dragged in ton dressing up as an emoji! (People do this, honest!)

We’ve spotted more of emoji-related craziness, from a firm hiring an Emoji Translator (this wasn’t an April Fool’s!) to an Emoji Film debuting at the end of July (a summer Box Office hit no doubt…).  Patrick Stewart stars!

Of course, after seeing all this emoji-mania online we couldn’t resist looking at recruitment and seeing how we could make a (tenuous?) link.  I asked the rest of the team at Barclay Jones which emoji they think perfectly describes the daily trials, tribulations and successes of the average recruitment consultant.

So the team put on their big smiley face emoji and up with emoji typical of the recruitment consultant and recruiting resource.

The feeling when you send two people into an interview and the client loves both of them! (Time to go home early!)

The expression when you interview a candidate and they overload you with information about their personal life… (“How do I get them to shut up?  And will they do this with the client?”

Your face when your manager runs your activity report – but you haven’t logged it correctly on the recruitment CRM. Now they want a meeting to discuss what you’ve been up to! (“If it isn’t on the system it doesn’t exist”)

When you’re 20 calls down and still can’t get to the decision maker! (“Why does no-one love me?”)

Hitting your LinkedIn search limit early in the month – time for some detective work! (After you have chewed a wasp, stopped frowning, time to get creative!  Perhaps, dare we suggest, source from your Recruitment CRM?)

Hitting target / financials – ready to celebrate! (Too right recruiters!)

The perfect candidate for the role accepts… then is counter offered by their current employer and pulls out (This is of course after you calm down and stop throwing things!)

Early finish – off to the pub! (Let’s face it, late finish off to the pub too!)

Finally nailed that promotion… Senior recruitment consultant baby! (Don’t let it go to your head… your targets just got bigger!)

Finally finding the perfect candidate for that niche role (You’ve plastered that advert everywhere, accessed your network, got a tattoo of the role – and finally success!)

Get on the phone!! (The emoji your manager wears 24/7 – and rightly so!)

You’ve got a new vacancy and need to advertise, source and call candidates all at the same time! (Who told you that being a recruiter was like being a clown at the circus?)

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