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Cooler Box with Foldable Table and Chair for Outdoor Promotions

Last updated: 06-11-2019

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Cooler Box with Foldable Table and Chair for Outdoor Promotions

Looking for a cool outdoor product for any type of weather? Then you should try out this custom cooler box with foldable table and chair. This one of a kind product makes outdoor promotions more exciting, as it makes packing more convenient. It provides a solution to common dilemmas most consumers experience, such as the lack of space and the time-consuming task of setting up tables and chairs.

The custom cooler box with foldable table and chair comes with the outdoor necessities needed for a relaxing day outside without needing too much space in your car. It has two built-in table tops attached to the sides of the cooler box. Thus, eliminating the need of bringing a separate one. The built-in table tops are also easy to set up. You just pull each of them up from both sides and pull out the metallic stands hidden on the back part of the table to reveal a sturdy support.

A table wouldn’t be complete without matching chairs. In fact, this cooler box with foldable table and 2 chairs. These chairs are crafted to be light yet spacious, with a measurement of 26 x 32 cm (centimeters). It also has a handle on one side of each seat for added portability.

With all these inclusions, you may think that there might not be any room left for the cooler box. On the contrary, there is plenty. Having a clever design, it is able to contain up to 28 liters of food and beverages. This is great for making sure there is enough for everyone. In addition, there is also a small divider included inside which allows for a more organized storage. Looking on the outside, it has 2 wheels on two corners at the bottom and two handles. This helps makes it easier to carry all the necessities by dragging it like a trolley bag.

With all the necessities found in a considerably lightweight format of just 50 x 33 x 42 cm, customers are sure to choose this as their camping partner over their standalone outdoor gear.

Definitely, the cooler box with foldable table and chair is an ideal custom outdoor recreation product. It comes feature packed and easy to use, something your customers will be more than satisfied with. This hardware also benefits companies that plan to add this for their outdoor promotions as it is ideal for their business needs.

Plenty of customers are currently in search for excellent outdoor recreation products to take advantage of the nice weather. So why not make most of it by offering this a Custom cooler box with foldable table and chair. If you want a product more versatile than what leading brands like Colemanoffers, then feel free to contact us to find out how you can have this unique product.

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