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Promo Smartphone Holder to Keep the Sales from Sliding

Last updated: 05-15-2019

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Promo Smartphone Holder to Keep the Sales from Sliding

Being a smartphone owner, isn’t it hard to find objects that can stop your device from sliding on the desk? I bet even your regular customers who love to watch YouTube videos share this problem too. After all, if the unit stays inclined, they can get on with work without the phone in the way. Your brand’s social rating will, therefore, rise once you provide a promo smartphone holder to consumers.

The uniqueness of the product comes with the fact that it is a customized bean bag. It has a tiny difference to the original ones, however, as it’s supposed to keep the gadget from sliding. Thus, to make it happen, instead of using smooth fabric all over, the bottom part has microfiber.

The shape also lets users utilize their devices horizontally or vertically. This advantage ensures that the owner can make full use of the phone even if they have to take video or voice calls.

In case you initially thought it can become a corporate giveaway, you’re not wrong. You can print the company’s slogan or website on the triangle portion, and then the brand name at the tail end. If you’re a bit more creative, it’s not difficult to transform it for marketing gift purposes.

If for any reason the triangular pointed promotional product doesn’t appeal to you, you may recreate the circular bean bag. The logo can stay on one face of the bean bag or surround the whole thing. Because it has one pocket to hold the device, though, it suits a customer’s bedside table.

A custom bean bag phone holder is great merchandise to heighten people’s knowledge about your brand. The design appeal is there, and full-color branding is available. Without a doubt, your sales can benefit from this type of marketing.

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