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Cardboard POS Displays - 6 Fantastic Ideas from Italy

Last updated: 04-15-2019

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Cardboard POS Displays - 6 Fantastic Ideas from Italy

A real artist does not need costly materials to create a masterpiece. In Italy, for instance, large stores have cardboard POS displays in diverse shapes and dimensions. The bottom line, however, is that they make products stand out without taking much money-wise from the producers.

Below are the six fantastic point-of-sale ideas we have spotted in The Boot.

Starting with the classic, Heinz’ version of tomato ketchup has barely changed since its conception in the mid-1800s. New product varieties may have increased, yet the original remains to taste like the original. What differs every time is the way they advertise the brand.

The brand has made use of a call-to-action technique to encourage customers to continue liking their merchandise. In this in-store marketing display, the only outstanding things are the words ‘Amore’ and ‘Salse’. Together, they mean ‘Love Sauces’. It is further emphasized by the golden heart enveloping a Heinz bottle.

As what’s obvious, even though the cardboard shelves are not too thick, the ketchup vessels don’t crash down. Why? All because they have been stacked in boxes of the right sizes, allowing the weight of the bottles to be evenly distributed. This arrangement is much simpler than the POS promotion in Morocco, sure, but it works just the same.

Summer feels like the best season for sailing. The winds are not harsh, and people can keep their swimsuits on without getting cold. Many know this, including Cameo, a Dr. Oetker subsidiary company that creates ready-to-eat desserts in Italy.

The make-shift boats in the advertising section of the store are so eye-catching. The short platform can remind consumers of the sea; the rope drawings on the sides look almost real. They have not forgotten anything about brand activation either as the mainsail and the tiny flags feature their logo.

Not to mention, these have all been crafted from cardboard. The base is thicker than the rest to hold the weight of the no-bake cake mixes and the boats. The combination of sky blue and white paints only makes the whole thing seem like a wood cut-out at least. In case you utilize it as an inspiration, you may also put up light promo gifts along with the products.

As a corporation catering to billions of individuals around the globe, we cannot miss one of the new Nestlé cardboard POS displays. In The Boot, their latest offering is the Fitness Delice chocolate bar that comes in three flavors.

A brand that used to produce cereals only now has chocolate and flakes clumped together on the go. This healthy and yummy snack is newsworthy, and Nestlé ensures to spread the good word with the point of sale promotion.

How the items have been arranged is neat because each assortment goes in full view. Another reason why the lady shoppers may stop by this aisle is that it exudes high feminine vibes. From the colors to the glossiness of the materials, you can tell the design appeals to a specific gender.

The word ‘Novità’ – meaning a novelty or an innovation – also places a greater emphasis on the products. It is a daring but effective move, which is quite expected from the company.

Ringo and Polaretti have their displays side by side that we’ve decided to put them under one sub-heading. It’s admittedly convenient since it lets us compare the marketing merchandises of two brands with different schemes.

The former presents Ringo Goal!, an energy bar for the young athletes. Red is the main color of the promotion, symbolizing the strength that it can provide to those who consume it. The showcase looks basic, but you get answers to the five Ws that people often ask in one vertical setting.

With regards to the latter, you see the brand-new goods from the brand. Inside a packet of a Polaretti Magic Milk are straws filled with either chocolate or strawberry beads. When kids drink their milk with it, the regular taste becomes flavorful. And to help the parents realize its great points, the benefits coming from it have been printed on the bottom layer.

The Ringo bars are stackable; that’s why we understand if there are shelves on the custom POS display. The other set of items are in plastic packages, so they look better when hanging like that. Their common denominator, however, is that they have both been created using hardened cardboard with a glossy finish.

Creating a POS display is a nice manner of celebrating something about your products. Fiorbi, a brand known for its flower biscuits, has done it to campaign the new price for their nutritious goodies.

Instead of flashy stuff, the snack provider stuck to the same shades, fonts, and designs that customers recognize them for. This promotional strategy heightens brand awareness. Once people catch a glimpse of it, they know exactly who it belongs to.

The advertising rack resembles the sturdy stand that farmers use to grow seedlings on or exhibit fresh produce. In truth, though, the foundation and the shelves utilize a dense cardboard. The sides are mostly for marketing purposes, so thin strips of the same variety have been printed on and patched together.

The promotions showed above confirm that it isn’t important to have a huge capital for a marketing campaign. The point of sale offerings are for people with a wide range of shopping allowance; that’s why the materials can be flexible. It’s a diverse matter when you’re advertising high-end products, but that’s for another discussion in another time.

Contact ODM if you want to know more than the cardboard POS displays in Italy. Ciao!

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