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5 Ways to Promote Small Businesses | HALO Branded Solutions

Last updated: 08-07-2019

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5 Ways to Promote Small Businesses | HALO Branded Solutions

So you don’t have the budget to finance a massive Facebook ad campaign, and you can’t imagine pulling together the funds for a primetime TV spot. That’s alright! When marketing your small business, there are several creative methods of generating interest in your business and reaching the right people without putting your organization in the red.

Shake up your marketing strategy this quarter with our top marketing ideas for small businesses.

Establishing a referral program should be a top priority for small businesses with a slim marketing budget. An astounding 92% of consumers trust a recommendation from a family member or friend over all forms of advertising.

For small businesses, word-of-mouth marketing in your local area will be bolstered by a referral program that gives low-cost perks and discounts when customers refer someone they know. You can even provide referrers with swag like outerwear or backpacks so more people will learn about your brand.

Visitors to your website – or people simply scrolling through their social media feed on the couch – don’t need a huge incentive to enter an online contest. There’s no need to spring for an all-inclusive trip to a resort. Giveaways like a package of branded outdoor chairs and coordinating stadium blanket will be enough to inspire action for many consumers, especially if your entry form is simply to fill out.

Online contests allow you to capture customer information so you can spread the word about your business and share future promotions through email marketing. Be sure to promote your online contest in store, on social media, and on your website if you have the bandwidth, so as many people enter as possible.

Draw in prospective consumers and make important connections in your neighborhood by hosting a class! Your restaurant can host a knife skills class, or your financial business can host a workshop on public speaking. Spread the word on social media and print out old-fashioned flyers that can be posted in libraries, community colleges, and coffee shops nearby.

Many bulletin boards in your community will not allow business advertisements, but in most cases promotion for a free class is welcomed. Teaching interested community members a useful skill or giving them an insight into your industry will win over potential customers. An added benefit: your class will create a great impression of your business and its capabilities.

A visually-compelling infographic will be shared on social media more than almost any other type of content marketing, driving referral traffic to your new website. Infographics reach 54% more readers than blog posts because viewers love to share easy-to-digest visual content.

Devoting a chunk of your marketing budget to a graphic designer may be out of the question in the early stages of your business, but if you don’t mind a challenge, design your own infographic with few overhead costs. Search for free vector kits online to use in Adobe Illustrator, and browse the gallery at for design inspiration.

Promoting your small business requires persistence and ingenuity, but by trying any or all of these techniques, you’ll discover new ways to increase foot traffic at your location and increase conversions on your site.

Did you know that promotional product marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising? Talk to your HALO Account Executive to learn how your business can benefit from low-cost, high-appeal promos and giveaways.

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