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How digital printing is reshaping the packaging industry - Ultimate Packaging

Last updated: 10-31-2019

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How digital printing is reshaping the packaging industry - Ultimate Packaging

A product has a split second to attract the eye of a potential customer.

And it’s the packaging that achieves that eye contact – playing a key role in determining whether that product goes back on the shelf or heads to the checkout.

So, in a world of saturated packaging on shelves, it is no wonder that brands are constantly looking for new ways to stand out from their competitors – and that’s where Ultimate Digital can help.

Consumers are becoming even more selective in their choices and many factors play a role in this from environmental impact to new technology.

In an increasingly digital world, more brands are turning to digital printing as a strength to use to their advantage – and with plastic-free options now available, it needn’t cost the Earth!

Chris Tonge, executive director of Ultimate Digital, says: “If your packaging looks amazing people will have the same initial assumption about your product – packaging plays a key role in decision making as your packaging reflects your product quality.

“Digital print can be used to unlock a brand’s potential to interact with their consumers by creating a unique selling point.

“Digital is the way forward, there are endless opportunities that brands are not aware of.”

Take the role of the internet in influencing consumer habits.

The average person in the UK spends more than a day a week online, according to a report by Ofcom on the impact of the “decade of the smartphone”. It found people spend twice as long online as 10 years ago, with one in five of all adults spending as much as 40 hours a week online.

And with 78 per cent of the population using smartphones, the role of print and packaging needs to work harder and utilise this technology to boost consumer sales.

Digital printing has revolutionised the way brands can target customers and with 90 per cent of 250 brand owners surveyed by LEK Consulting saying that packaging is crucial to their brand’s success, the role of digital printing will only become more crucial to brand success.

That’s where the benefits of Ultimate Digital come into their own: Digital printing does not use any plates, meaning that design changes can be made as often as the brand would like, which makes the process pain-free and cost-free. And all designs can be printed digitally in just one print run, which is perfect for small orders – and keeping up with demand for the products that prove more popular.

But it’s not just about packaging – there are other key ways you can differentiate your packaging brand through digital print.

1. PERSONALISATION There is no surprise that consumers are now increasingly demanding products that are unique to themselves. Digital printing has variable data capabilities, meaning that it enables brands to print an unlimited amount of different designs in just one print run, making personalisation on packs a reality.

Looking to increase your brand awareness? Create a buzz? Personalisation encourages consumers to talk, the power of word and mouth is priceless! Especially when products are shared on social media.

2. LINK TO DIGITAL CONTENT In today’s society you will not find anyone without their smartphone, which enables people to interact across the globe in a matter of seconds. Digital packaging allows you to print hidden glyphs (an image naked to the eye) on packaging and incorporating image recognition technology that can be scanned using an app, linking consumers to endless digital content.

The days of having to search the web are over! Get the brand content you want instantly. This technology is affordable for small and medium brands – and we can help you to create it. If you would like to find out more visit:

3. LIMITED EDITIONS One of the advantages of digital print is that you can have short print runs. This opens up the potential to create uniquely designed, limited edition packaging. Limited editions can make your brand ooze personality, allowing you to push the boundaries of your design, or if you want to test a new range or style, this enables you the flexibility with no major costs.

It also means that new businesses can try testing their product on the market with lower start-up costs.

We will even let you into a secret, Ultimate Digital enables you to test before launching anything and mock ups to allow you to be 100 per cent satisfied with your design.

So, if you are a new or small/medium brand looking for a cost-effective way to print premium packaging across a number of designs, get in touch today for a no-obligation chat.

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