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MGCCC receives Military Friendly Spouse School designation - Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Last updated: 06-10-2019

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MGCCC receives Military Friendly Spouse School designation - Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College was selected as a Military Friendly Spouse School by Victory Media, a new designation for the college.  More than 12,000 colleges, universities and trade schools compete for the Military Friendly designation each year.

Institutions of higher learning competed for the title by completing an extensive survey.  Additionally, the data collected by Victory Media are sourced from public data and personal data from surveys of veterans.  Results are audited by an outside agency before being published.

Jennifer Potts, who takes online courses with the college, said she is excited, but not surprised, about the college receiving the designation. “Taking classes at MGCCC has just been a joy for me,” she said. “I can certainly see why it is called military friendly. At the beginning of my educational journey, even getting my associate degree seemed very unattainable.  I loved sitting down with my MGCCC military service liaison, Ashley Landry, and figuring out a game plan for my degree.”

Potts, whose husband is active duty in the Air Force, said that the military requires different kinds of paperwork than that for regular students.  Navigating that process can be complicated without help.  “Ashley was able to assist me with so much, especially with the MYCAA grant to help with college expenses,” she said.  “She was very knowledgeable about what was available for me. I probably have countless emails I’ve sent to her with miscellaneous questions, and she was always so quick to get back to me.”

As for her future plans, Potts said she plans to continue working toward a degree.  “I’ve switched my plan quite a few times, but I have now decided on interpreter training. That’s really what I want to do.” 

She added, “As for the application process at MGCCC, it was very easy and the simplicity of registration has encouraged me to continue each semester. The schedules offered at MGCCC are so flexible.  I was truly able to accomplish a lot while still working full time. I have really enjoyed the hours and flexibility of the testing center. MGCCC made it so easy for me to stop in after work or on an off day to take proctored exams for my online classes.” 

MGCCC helps active-duty students and their families work their class time around temporary duty assignments and other interruptions. Directors at MGCCC’s Naval Construction Battalion and Keesler centers act as liaisons for the military and provide counseling, assessment and registration assistance. Counselors at MGCCC campus locations review transfer credit/military credit and prepare SOC student agreements for active-duty members and dependents. Military members and veterans pay in-state tuition rates when they are stationed or reside on the Gulf Coast.

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