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Microsoft Redesigns To Unveil Wholly Different UI For Entire Product Line

Last updated: 08-21-2019

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Microsoft Redesigns To Unveil Wholly Different UI For Entire Product Line

the ‘Microsoft Build 2017’ conference, Microsoft revealed its new ‘Fluent Design System’ for Windows—an “eloquent design system for a complex world.” encompasses a radically different look across the company’s entire product line. Replacing the signature flat colored “live tiles” of ‘Metro’ that appeared on the ‘Xbox 360’, ‘Xbox One’ and ‘Windows 8’ are light, seamless graphics with layers, depth and animations. works both in 2D and 3D, focusing primarily on developers’ needs for an effortless design language that converts across various devices. Microsoft’s VP Kevin Gallo tells TechCrunch that ‘Fluent’ is a platform that will further assist developers to write more “delightful” programs. is built upon five fundamental elements: ‘Light’; ‘Depth’; ‘Motion’; ‘Material’; ‘Scale’. the revamped UI in phases over the next couple of years, but a handful of ‘Windows 10’ apps have already donned on the new look. In the mean time, have a glimpse of what your devices will look like. of drawing our attention. It’s warm and inviting; it’s fluid and purposeful. Light creates atmosphere and a sense of place, and it’s a practical tool to illuminate information.” that contains your information. Now break it apart, and reinvent how things relate to each other within a more layered, physical environment. This is how we’ll keep people in their flow—by giving them more space.” like a movie. Seamless transitions keep you focused on the story, and bring experiences to life. We can invite that feeling into our designs, leading people from one task to the next with cinematic ease.” us in the real world are sensory and invigorating. They bend, stretch, bounce, shatter, and glide. Those material qualities translate to digital environments, making people want to reach out and touch our designs.” and breathes 2D design. Now’s the time to expand our toolkit for more dimensions. We’re scaling our design system from 0D to 3D, inviting innovation across new forms. And we’re looking to you to help us imagine this new world.” [via The Daily Dot and TechCrunch , video via windowsdev , video screenshots via windowsdev

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