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11 Impressive Corporate Graphic Design Projects - HOW Design

Last updated: 07-04-2019

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11 Impressive Corporate Graphic Design Projects - HOW Design

Every year in the HOW In-House Design Awards, we’re thrilled not only to see corporate graphic design, but to see it done well—and that’s why we like to share it as often as we can. From identity design to marketing collateral, the projects you’ll see below were all recognized in past In-House Design Awards. Check them out, and enter your own team’s work by this year’s deadline, June 5, for a chance to be among those who see their work in print this winter.

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Salesforce, San Francisco; CREATIVE TEAM Ryan Lundy, Carl Loeb, Jessica Bognar, Eujin Hong, Jason Luster, John Zissimos, Molly Sullivan, Tricia Austin, Sophie Westbrook, Casey Ramsey DETAILS The team evolved Salesforce University to meet the visual sophistication of the rest of the Salesforce brand while still conveying education.

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION MetLife, Washington, DC; CREATIVE TEAM Allison Chess, Geneva Grace Kellam, Michael Mulcahey, James Goncalves, Maria Danar, Jill Hynes, Sandy Diaz DETAILS The “Choose More for Your Smile” campaign featured MetLife’s spokespeople, the PEANUTS© gang, as a way to highlight the plan benefits and underscore MetLife’s brand presence amongst other dental carriers.

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION DISH, OneTen Creative, Englewood, CO; CREATIVE TEAM Jessie Eck, Brian Bennett, Cory Voyzey, Nancy Perales, Michael Kinner and Olivia Koszuta DETAILS DISH wanted to deploy an all-graphics, DRTV spot to jumpstart the Refer-a-Friend program. The tone had to be soft and conversational—but drive response.

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Crown Media Family Networks, Studio City, CA; CREATIVE TEAM Kathleen Bloome, Amie Serio, Jennifer Lee-Temple DETAILS Each piece of this package was designed, modeled, textured and partially animated within Cinema 4D, eventually being brought into After Effects to fine tune and bring all the elements together into larger-scale animations.

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION CNN Digital, Atlanta; CREATIVE TEAM Aimee Schier, Michael Hogenmiller, Alberto Mier, Daniela Dewendt, Samantha Barry, Ashley Codianni, Masuma Ahuja DETAILS This was a collaboration between the design team and the editorial social team to create a visual language for CNN on LINE official account.

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION DIRECTV, New York City; CREATIVE TEAM Roger Hyde, John Vetter, Amanda Assadi, Richard Griffin, Roman Sciascia, Mark Robinson, Sanchez Stanfield, Richard Griffin, Mike Polovsky, Billy Lewis, Lauren Abrams, Scott McDermott DETAILS To highlight the benefit of AT&T AdWorks, an addressable advertising tool, the team captured funny moments with vivid characters mismatched with products they would never buy, reminding buyers to “stop showing the right product to the wrong customer.”

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION The Coleman Company Inc., Littleton, CO CREATIVE TEAM Kelly Anderson, Joshua Newitt, Mattie Carnes DETAILS The team’s objective was to rebrand Coleman in a way that brings it into the 21st century and makes it more appealing to new consumers while keeping it identifiable to older generations.

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions, New Haven, CT; CREATIVE TEAM Faye Pite, Chery Targonsky, Melissa Matos, Emily Paecht, Kristen Bylan, Leslie Saunders DETAILS The team refreshed the Muséo Line brand, with the intention of evoking timeless artistry in all marketing materials.

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Herff Jones, Yearbook Marketing, Charlotte, NC; CREATIVE TEAM Ann Akers, Heidi Lilly, Lynn Strause, Kristen Creed, Greg Rutkowski and Rashaad Bilal DETAILS Ideas That Fly showcases the best covers, themes, layouts, coverage and photography from hundreds of yearbooks printed by Herff Jones and serves as a source of inspiration for staff.

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Gogo, Chicago; CREATIVE TEAM Rachel Allen, Tim Casart, Brian Doherty, Cinzia Mercuri, Jonathan Nielsen, Alice Nita, Stephen Rollick DETAILS The team was challenged to interview 40 thought leaders from key organizations and publish a book with the highlights to show how the internet of things will transform aviation.

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Burns & McDonnell, Kansas City; CREATIVE TEAM Brandon Guffey, Ann Scheer, Aaron Fiddelke, Joe Bathke DETAILS The goal of communications and event materials for Burns & McDonnell’s annual Fossil Generation Symposium is to entertain and inform. The Transformers® movie series inspired the 2015 event.

Beyond the significant recognition of your team’s hard work, when you win you find your work featured in print and also online, where it’s sometimes featured multiple times throughout the year and beyond (the article above is a good example of this), gaining you valuable exposure.

This also means that when you win, today’s top talent sees your team’s award-winning work, and you have a valuable new tool for recruiting. Not to mention, you’ll find networking opportunities galore at HOW Design Live 2018 with the free Big Ticket registration that goes to the Best of Show winner. And the HOW team always looks forward to presenting the Best of Show winners their trophy on the main stage.

If you’re still unsure whether your team should enter, hear from one of our past winners:

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