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HOW Design Competition Winners 2019: Special Issue! - HOW Design

Last updated: 06-16-2019

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HOW Design Competition Winners 2019: Special Issue! - HOW Design

Each year, HOW Design holds four design competitions. And each year, we crown hundreds of design competition winners, who receive mentions, attention, and major props for their fantastic work. For a designer, a competition win is more than a line on a resume: it’s living, breathing proof that their work is cutting edge, setting trends, and being recognized by industry veterans and innovators.

This year, we compiled a comprehensive showcase of all of our design competition winners, and we put all those winners into a special issue magazine. (If you went to HOW Design Live, we’ll bet you’ve got one!)

As a language, design speaks to everyone. While this is impressive on its own, in today’s increasingly connected world, the ability to transcend time, country, and culture is coveted for a reason. HOW’s International Design Award honors the best work from around the globe.

In our special issue, we feature Outstanding Achievement winners in categories like advertising, posters, signage/environmental graphics, typography, and student work.

Jenna Klein’s sweeping project, the Museum of Alternative Facts, called into question the responsibility of museums as truth tellers and what happens when museums display falsehoods as facts. She created posters, tickets, a video, a logo, gift shop merchandise, and an entire world where alternative facts are real.

The longest running of HOW’s design competitions, the Promotion and Marketing Awards showcases the best in design that persuades, informs, and influences. Using creative muscle for focused causes takes a certain type of prowess, and the Promotion and Marketing Award winners know how to flex ’em the best.

The Promotion & Marketing Design Awards feature pro-bono work, client promotions, designer self promotions, and student work, and winning words are featured in the special issue from each category.

Led by chief creative officer Pum Lefebure, Design Army’s ambitious project for Neenah’s CLASSIC Collection featured three redesigned swatchbooks, eight entirely new colors, and two new textures. After 18 months of work, the results of the CLASSIC Collection clearly establish Design Army as masters of the tactile.

HOW’s In-House Design Awards honor the in-house heroes of the design world. Pushing company design requires tenacity and careful attention to detail while balancing goals, decisions, and sensibilities of the many (sometimes non-creatives) that are involved.

With categories like business to business, nonprofit, travel, and food/beverage, a diverse set of fantastic Outstanding Achievement winners are featured.

This team had a huge, audacious goal set before them: make the Tribeca Film Festival engage with a larger, more diverse audience, and make it more relatable. After pitching against outside agencies, Tribeca’s in-house team won the bid and got to work. The team used the script as inspiration, and they created, printed, ripped, and scanned everything as their final products – staying true to the script and to the festival’s roots.

Discreet but with high stakes. Simple to conceive, but complicated to pull off. The logo is one of the most crucial aspects of any business, and HOW’s Logo Design Awards captures fantastic work, forecasts trends, and shows us how brands are thinking about identity applications and front-facing design.

This simple and versatile mark combines an S and a pictorial mark. Thenegative space resembles not only track lanes, but also the lines on an athletic field. And the grid that the shapes form mimics the bottom of an athletic shoe. Overall, this is a simple, efficient, and effective mark.

Rule29’s work brought a comprehensive update to this legacy brand with an incredible mission, pushing Make-A-Wish into the future with a truly global look and feel. Their update included a logo refresh and a host of new materials as well.

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