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4 Content Creation Mistakes that Slow Your Sales (+ How to Fix it)

Last updated: 02-08-2020

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4 Content Creation Mistakes that Slow Your Sales (+ How to Fix it)

In the digital age, content creation is an essential part of marketing and sales. From blog articles to social media posts to email newsletters, the content that you create for your target market is one of the most efficient and effective ways to gain visibility, lead, and conversions.

While content creation is imperative, it can take some time to really learn the ins and outs of what makes for great content. In fact, there are some common mistakes that business owners and marketers make that actually end up slowing down their sales, causing the exact opposite effect than what they were shooting for.

Let’s listen to 4 marketing experts’ advice on some common content creation mistakes and how to fix them so that you can find success.

Michael Marcial, Creator of 5 Figure Workweek, says that one common mistake people make with content creation is that they are so focused on conversions that they end up treating people as prospects instead of as humans.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the goal of conversion and forget about the humanity involved and the connections that should be happening. In order to fix it, Marcial encourages salespeople to take the prospect out of the equation.

Marcial says, “Early on, I was trying to focus on systems (email marketing, funnels for conversions, content specifically using all the tricks, etc). I eventually forgot that it’s not just pixels out there, it’s people. So, for a year and two, I was using the tricks, but the results weren’t there. I thought I was doing something wrong and kept looking for ‘that’ solution. But in reality, the solution was just to treat people like people. That’s how business has to be done– it is an interaction, not a transaction.”

Don’t Put Too Much Focus On Structural Aspects– Focus On People

Conversion copywriter, Maria Rana, shares that many people make the mistake of focusing on the structural aspects of their content, such as informational and how-to content. They craft content that is meant to give valuable information to businesses in the form of set steps to a specific outcome.

This ends up being a problem because when businesses focus on providing informational content, they’re just giving relevant content to beginners. Essentially, they’re just creating awareness, but awareness is only the first stage. There are six stages that should be addressed; awareness, interest, evaluation, consideration, decision, and action. Relevant and successful content creators will keep all stages in mind.

“I’m not saying formats are bad, but don’t be afraid to deviate away from it either and show some of your brand’s personality,’ Rana recommends. “Add voice by being you talking to a person. Most businesses just talk AT people. Talk TO people instead. Rather than focusing on the structure, focus on talking to the person, while being mindful of where they are in their journey.”

Telling a good story is the next big selling boom of the new decade, according to Adil Amarsi, chief copywriter at Copywriting Nerd Ltd. Mainstream digital marketers have been using story to sell services and products for awhile now, and it’s becoming more and more expected. For example, Harmon Brothers using story-based advertisements (Poopery and Squatty Potty being a good example) brought in tens and millions of dollars.

Being able to craft a story that is combined with direct response principles and then putting it together to tell a story visually is essential. Every marketer needs to start studying great content in order to learn how to do this. Amarsi teaches that even watch classic movies such as Tarantino Classic to observe how story is being delivered is useful.

“Create a 3-part mini-story that builds towards an endpoint. Start with the most action-packed sequence and show the rest of the content build-up to the sequence and do the pay off…The key way of creating story content is to breakdown how the story is told and reverse engineer that into your brand’s voice and content,” says Amarsi.

The fundamental structure of telling a good story is widely understood, but Manny Wolfe, founder of Manny Wolfe Brands, believes that most people still miss the importance and intricacy of creating little moments of tension and release on the way to the climax.

Wolfe encourages people to consider the way soap operas leave off with little cliffhangers just before each commercial break. They leave the action at a high point, resolve the action when they return from the break, and then bring viewers to another dramatic high point before the next commercial.

Wolfe says, “This is the essence of creating tension and release in your storytelling. The idea is that you don’t want the listener to be on the edge of their seat all the time and you don’t want them relaxed in the back of their seat all the time. Instead, you want them coming to the edge of their seat and then relaxing over and over again on their way to the big drama point and resolution.”

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