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Do You Need a Business Blog? 10 Proven Tips to Build a Blog that Rocks Results

Last updated: 11-05-2019

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Do You Need a Business Blog? 10 Proven Tips to Build a Blog that Rocks Results

Do You Need a Business Blog? 10 Proven Tips to Build a Blog that Rocks Results

Blogging and content marketing is an incredible and proven way to build your business and your brand authority. As tempting as it may be, building your business on rented land such as Facebook is quite risky. The only guarantee we have today with the social networks and digital marketing is change.

Mastering the skills and knowing how to build and utilize an integrated social and digital platform inclusive of a quality content and a blog as a home base that you own will help separate any marketer and business from the crowd of status quo.

The #1 question we hear from clients of our consulting and training agency, Marketing Nutz and students of our virtual online training academy is “how do I build a blog and write content that brings real and measurable business results?”

The days of hiring an SEO company to simply throw up some text on a virtual page, buy some junk links and watch the sales come in, are over and done. The truth is these lazy tactics never really worked that well anyway. Worse is that today Google will penalize you for such naughty, cheating behavior.

If you want to win in the world of online marketing you must learn more than simply how to optimize your Facebook news feed. You need to understand the difference between content marketing and writing content. They are two very different things.

If you want to learn the foundational requirements for writing a successful blog post that will support and help you achieve your business and marketing goals and objectives, then you have landed on the right blog post today.

Successful blogs today include much more than lazy text thrown on virtual walls. The best business blogs integrate different forms of media such as audio, video and compelling visuals that inspire and help you connect with your target audiences in a real and human way.

Before you waste a ton of money and time throwing social content spaghetti on the digital wall, take a listen to this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to ensure that you maximize every word and minute of your time.

Take a listen to episode 211 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to learn the following:

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Need help facilitating the needed discussions with your CEO or other executive leaders? We can help you quickly obtain the needed support, buy-in and earn the budgets you need to succeed.  Our agency, Marketing Nutz can help you develop your strategy inclusive of employee training and empowerment, executive social media personal branding and more that will help you achieve your goals. Give us a shout and let's get to work!

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