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10 business-to-business marketing mistakes | Smart Insights

Last updated: 10-06-2019

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10 business-to-business marketing mistakes | Smart Insights

Everyone makes mistakes! Over the last 20 years, we have consulted and trained with many B2B businesses which means we've seen mishaps made by people at all levels of seniority. But time and time again, when things go wrong, it’s for the exact same reasons: lack of planning, preparation, and audience understanding. This means that B2B companies are failing to deliver on the promise of the latest inbound marketing and marketing automation techniques.

In this guide, we summarize the 10 most common B2B marketing mistakes that might be holding your business back. We'll explain planning techniques and show you examples so you learn how to avoid them and deliver more quality leads for your company.

Expert B2B marketer Jill Quick explores 10 common B2B marketing mistakes based on her years of experience in the B2B sector. The guide references steps to take in each section and recommended resources. The guide is highly practical, providing steps for you to take to avoid the mistake in the future, as well as providing recommended resources.

The guide covers 10 common B2B marketing mistakes and how to fix them including:

The guide is for anyone who manages B2B marketing, applying to B2B marketing in general across a variety of industries. The guide references many digital marketing techniques, so if you're embracing or struggling with digital this guide can help you prioritize improvements.

This resource has been updated with two brand new entries, 'Incorrect product positioning' and 'Not attributing your marketing efforts'. The guide has also been improved with new case studies from Mailchimp and WeWork, as well as insight from digital experts April Dunford and Lianna Patch.

Jill Quick, a Digital Marketing Consultant at Quick Marketing who works with clients on their overall digital marketing strategy. With a data-driven approach, she focuses on analytics and measurement, targeting, segmentation and messaging. She is also a Lead Instructor for General Assembly where she teaches a 10-week digital marketing course and workshops on Analytics and Content Marketing and Expert Author for Smart Insights.

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