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Blending offline and digital marketing is the key to business success

Last updated: 07-09-2019

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Blending offline and digital marketing is the key to business success

In the era of digitalization, most marketers have turned to online marketing tools and praise them as being the most effective. On the other hand, there are also marketers that still preach the power of traditional marketing methods. However, what if these two work best when paired together? 

Although for a long time offline and digital marketing have been seen as two completely different methods, they both have the same purpose that is promoting the services or products of companies. Thus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that blending traditional and digital marketing is the key to corporate success. Read on to find out how to construct a successful marketing strategy with both offline and online advertising tools.

The very first step you need to start with is understanding the differences between your online and offline audience. Although most of your customers may be part of the audience that you interact both in the online and offline world with, there are also some that only prefer a certain way of approach. First of all, blending online and offline marketing is a great way to reach a larger range of audience. While most young consumers are today’s internet users and prefer interacting with their favorite bands in the online world, older individuals, that find technological advancements too complicated to use, prefer traditional marketing methods. Thus, depending on your targeted audience, you can base your marketing strategy more on either online and offline advertising tools.

While the online presence comes down to making sure that internet users can interact with your brand easily in the online world, the offline presence is more about the reputation your brand has. It is true that businesses should never underestimate the power of word of mouth in the online world because a couple of few negative reviews from hard-to-please consumers can affect their reputation. However, the real-life interaction of a brand with a consumer is thousands of times more important for consumer satisfaction and a good reputation both in the offline and online world. Mostly because while you have more control over negative comments and reviews about your company on the internet, you have no control over what consumers tell their friends or family members about your brand.

Have a welcoming retail location- If your office is also a retail location, you need to make sure that it is a welcoming, clean, and friendly atmosphere to tempt your visitors to purchase.  The specialists from Brooklands Corporation explain that the way the retail location looks and feels like can have a huge influence on the purchasing decisions of the visitors. A welcoming location encourages customers to spend more time there and consequently purchase more. Moreover, they are also more likely to come back to a place where they have had a good experience than in a place that they did not feel comfortable in.

Take care of your employees- When interacting with your brand in the offline world, consumers interact in fact with your employees. The experience that your employees are able to offer to your consumers is one of the most influential aspects that can either ruin or improve your business’s reputation. Rude and unprepared employees that are not able to provide excellent services will cost your business many lost customers. Thus, having skilled, efficient and passionate employees is part of having a good offline presence in the eyes of your targeted audience. Moreover, taking care of your employees can also benefit your business by attracting more skilled employees available in the workforce. Everybody wants to work for or buy from a business that values its employees and provides a great work environment.

Most of today’s consumers are researchers by their nature and rely on the internet to interact and find out information about businesses. Technological advancements and the internet have empowered businesses and customers to connect with each other within seconds with just one click of a mouse. However, in the ultra-competitive business landscape where all businesses bombard consumers with thousands of ads and promotional materials, face to face interaction has never been so appreciated. The real-life interaction of a business with its customers can, in fact, help construct and strengthen customer loyalty better than a multitude of online ads. There are many ways to anchor your online to offline marketing and vice versa. For example, you can use the online world to promote your real-life event or use your events to send the attendants to your website or social media accounts. Also, once you notice you build customer loyalty in the online world, you can try to interact with your targeted audience in real-life too by giving them a friendly phone call to invite them to a sales call or even a meeting.

Both online and offline marketing tools have advantages and disadvantages. Thus, blending them will help you create an effective marketing strategy that will help you build business success.

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