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Seven predictions for Influencer Marketing in 2020

Last updated: 12/17/2019

2019 saw huge developments for the influencer marketing industry; from TikTok becoming the most popular platform of the year to Instagram removing likes, and from the rise of...

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2020 B2C Content Marketing: An Excellent Adventure [New Research]

Last updated: 12/15/2019

Whoa dude! Thirty years ago, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure was released in theaters. That’s a most excellent anniversary. We’ve been producing our B2C Content Marketing...

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11 Secrets to Creating a Powerful Personal Brand

Last updated: 12/10/2019

Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs…these are some of the largest personal brands in human history in terms of name recognition and global impact. Now think about your personal...

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3 Things That Keep You From Creating an Exceptional Brand and How to Overcome Them

Last updated: 12/07/2019

Competition is tight and you’re not sure where to start. It feels like you’ll never be able to charge more for your products and services. If winning the hearts of your...

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DTC Brands Are Changing What Retail Looks Like

Last updated: 12/05/2019

The We Company was worth $47 billion and then it wasn’t. Peloton Interactive, branded like We to be valued as a tech company and not just a fitness company, is trading 20% off...

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LinkedIn Branding and Sales Tips For Beginners

Last updated: 12/02/2019

Today, most businesses are on LinkedIn, probably including your company. But with your current efforts, are you even generating leads and converting it into sales?  Your...

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6 Reasons Why Content Marketing Should Be at the Core of Your Brand

Last updated: 12/01/2019

So you’re building a brand! Congratulations! You’ve got your website up and running, social media profiles all set up and now it’s time for those sales to start rolling in!...

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What Brands Need to Learn About Cancel Culture

Last updated: 11/29/2019

Nothing in common? Think again. It’s not their charm and wit or a social following over 1 million or their unwitting ability to turn heads when you pass them in public. They’ve...

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Brands on Twitter can now hide replies to tweets - Marketing Land

Last updated: 11/25/2019

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Why Facebook is Expanding Its Brand Safety Controls for Advertisers

Last updated: 11/25/2019

We are excited to announce the first round of leaders who will bring our 2020 theme HUMAN.X to life at our global conference in New York on May 5-7. According to recent...

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