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5 Steps to Build a Rock Solid Personal Brand for Business in 2020

Last updated: 01-18-2020

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5 Steps to Build a Rock Solid Personal Brand for Business in 2020

Personal branding can not be ignored in 2020. It is a foundation for anyone who has any sort of goals for their life and business.

Even if you are not a marketer and never want to be one, you have a personal brand regardless if you have consciously designed it or thought about it or not.

You are delivering perceptions to others every time you:

Your personal brand is made up of perceptions of which we can’t actually control. However, putting thought into your personal brand provides you the opportunity to influence those perceptions. The way you speak, act and represent yourself online or offline is building perceptions.

Personal branding is in simple terms people presenting and marketing themselves as brands. It is how you represent and share yourself with the world. It’s the stories you tell. It’s the journey you share with others and invite them to join.

Your actions speak louder than words. Your digital body language of you, your employees or your co-workers speaks far more louder about the company you work for (or own) than the corporate messages written and published by your PR team.

Organizations must embrace personal branding not only for their top executives but also for their employees. Every employee is a walking, talking, tweeting, social media posting representation of your brand. Even if they have a “private” profile on Facebook and other social networks, the truth is every digital imprint they make online and every action they take offline is a representation not only of themselves but of you and your brand.

Unfortunately often times employers fear helping employees develop a strong personal brand for the worry that the employee will go somewhere else. The truth is that investing in your employees will inspire them to stay.

The best investment you can make as an organizational leader is to help develop people within your company for they are your brand. They are the heart of the value promise that you deliver!

Plus, it takes 6-7 brand touches for someone to remember your brand. Your employees can exponentially not only increase the number of brand touches, but can also help improve the quality of those brand touches when done right.

Bottom line, your personal brand is you. It is something you get to take with you no matter where you work, live or play. It travels with you throughout your career even if you fully pivot into another role or industry. It is an investment you make in yourself!

When done right, personal branding not only builds the brand of you, but also will help you achieve many personal, life and business goals.

You have one chance to make a first, second and third impression. Although you can’t control the perceptions of your personal brand. You certainly can influence them more than you probably realize.

Building a personal brand is not just about creating a shiny social profile, but presenting yourself in the most authentic way possible to your community and audiences. The goal is to organically attract them to the real and authentic you! It is you sharing yourself with the world in beautiful ways.

Take a listen to episode 266 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to learn how and why you must build your personal brand in 2020. You will also the Top 3 Reasons You Need a Personal Brand in 2020 plus the 5 required foundations for personal branding success in 2020.

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