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12 Social Media Branding Tips For 2020. - Lee Coppin

Last updated: 12-25-2019

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12 Social Media Branding Tips For 2020. - Lee Coppin

Today I want to talk about branding your Affiliate Marketing business and give you a checklist to follow.

In today’s fast-moving world your problem is to stand out from the crowd, to be remembered and followed whatever platform you’re on.

Think about the top brands in the world like Coke, Nike, Starbucks, they are instantly recognizable and often copied, or even ripped off, because of this.

Now I am not saying that you need a global brand like Coke, though it would be nice, you do need to stand out in your niche and to your target audience.

The aim of branding yourself or your business is to make you stand out and be instantly recognizable. It is important to use your brand at every touchpoint across the internet such as:

To name but a few.

1        After some careful thought pick a name for your brand/company. If you are intending to become an authority and the go-to person in your niche then you may want to use your own name and you become the brand.

If, however, you intend to create a company that incorporates a number of people and the company could be run without you or possibly sold in the future then a company/brand name may be a better option

2        Is your company name short, catchy and easy to remember?

When it comes to company or brand names then you may want to choose a generic name or one which is related in some way to your niche.

For example, a generic brand name would be something like Amazon, Coke or Nike

Whereas a brand name related to a specific niche would be something like Tripadvisor, Playstation or Pets at home.

Also, many of the most popular brand names only consist of one or two words so they are catchy and easy to remember.

3        Did you search Google to make sure there is no other companies with this name?

 Before choosing a name it’s also a good idea to Google search the same name and check the results that are shown. If you find that there are several other results with the same name then you may find that it may cause some confusion in the future and people who hear the name may end up visiting a different company.

It may also be more difficult to rank a website high in Google results if you are using the same name as other well-established websites or you have the same first and last name as an authority leader or celebrity.

When it comes to designing a logo for your company then you may choose to outsource this to a designer on a site such as Fiverr or you may decide to design and create your own. An easy way of doing this without the need of software such as Photoshop is to use a site called Canva. You will find ready-made logo templates that you can easily edit or combine to create your very own unique logo. To find more information and start designing your logo Click Here to Visit Canva

5        Is it available on Facebook?

Before you decide on your company/brand name then it’s worth checking if that name is available on Facebook as you may want to create a new profile, page or group and it’s also worth checking how much competition you have on Facebook as this may influence how easily people will find you or your company.

6        Is it available on Google+? Check if there are any other Google+ accounts using the same name as you will have the option to create a custom link for your account.

7        Is it available on Twitter?

Ideally, your Twitter name/handle should be as short as possible but you can use a maximum of 15 characters but you also have a display name that has recently been changed from 20 up to 50 characters. So if you have a long name you wish to use then it’s worth thinking about how you can reduce it down to within 15 characters but have it still be recognizable and a shortened version of your full company/brand name.

8        Is it available on YouTube?

If your channel is eligible, you can give fans an easy-to-remember web address, called a custom URL, for your YouTube channel. This is called a custom URL and looks like and

9        Is it available on LinkedIn?

Did you know when someone Googles your name, your LinkedIn profile will show up 90% of the time on page 1 of Google. You are allowed a maximum of 20 characters for your first name and 40 characters for your second name.

10       Is it available on Pinterest?

On Pinterest, there are two names you need to be aware of: your username and your account name. Your username is the name that will be used in the URL of your Pinterest page (, but will not be the name that is displayed on your profile.

The name that will be displayed on your Pinterest page (and will be the name that people use to search for you on Pinterest) is your account name. So, if you’re setting up a page for your business, start by visiting the Pinterest for Business website and clicking the “Join as a business” button. Create your account by filling in your business name and username in the signup process.

11       Is it available on Reddit?

Your username on Reddit is relatively unimportant compared to Twitter and other social media apps. This is because Reddit has no profile page that you can promote.

In order to select the proper username, first, identify what you will be using Reddit for. Do you want people to recognize you on Reddit? Are you representing a brand?

If you do want to be recognized, create a username that matches your Twitter handle or other social media identity. If you are representing a company, include the name of the company and your position (e.g. CompanyName_CEO).

12       Is it available on Instagram?

Choosing an Instagram username may depend on whether you are posting photos of your personal life such as holiday pics in which case you may want to use your own name or whether you will be using Instagram to post images related to your niche, brand or company. It’s a good idea to add your company/brand name to all of your images to increase brand awareness and visitors may enter your brand name into a Google search.

Note: When choosing a name for your social media accounts, before signing up to any social media platform then it’s a good idea to check the availability of your chosen name on all social media platforms.

It’s also advisable to keep your name as short and easy to remember as possible and avoid using underscores if possible or using the same name as someone else.

This will help people find you easier and reduce the chance of them getting confused, wrongly remembering or mistyping your name.

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