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How to create a stunning color palette, with just an image - Easil

Last updated: 11-08-2019

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How to create a stunning color palette, with just an image - Easil

If you’re looking to create a color palette for your brand, or just for a particular graphic, we’ve got the tool to take the guesswork out of it. Welcome to color wizardry – made easy!

The color palette you choose to use will ultimately contribute significantly to the feeling of your brand, blog or design project. So it’s wise to experiment with a few combinations before settling on the final colors, particularly if it will represent your brand ongoing.

With this color palette generator and template, all you need to do is find an image that you love. The colors and tones will automatically be analyzed from your images, magically creating a stunning palette of up to 6 colors to work with.

We’ve also got seven color palettes we love, that were generated in literally seconds, by our graphic design team. Scroll down to see them below.

There are several places you can obtain inspiration for your color palette with ease:

When browsing through images, try not to worry about the subject contained within the photos too much. You may find a photograph of a person wearing a color palette that you’re quite drawn to, that you would never use in a design, so keep an open mind!

Keep in mind that using a light and bright, cheerful palette, will evoke different feelings to one consisting of a monochrome palette of whites, greys, or charcoal tones.

Just like that – you have created a stunning color palette!

Once you’re happy with the colors generated from a particular image, return to the color dropdown, scroll to the Color Picker section of the bottom of the pop-up, and locate the Hex codes for each color chip.

Copy and paste the Hex codes into the allocated areas on the template. This way, if you’d like to use the colors in the future, or even add them to your Brand Kit for permanent easy access, you’ll be able to do it in a snap!

As we mentioned earlier, if the color palette is intended to develop your brand, it’s important to experiment with the colors before settling. So, we suggest that at this time you apply your colors to some graphic templates, and make sure you’re happy.

Try working with the first 3 colors that are shown in the generated palette, and applying them to a business card, or social media template.

Try them on! See how they feel, and if you’re not quite sure, try another image.

We couldn’t resist. Call it research. Or it may be a slight addiction! We played with uploading images to the Easil color palette generator and came up with these gorgeous palettes. And also have quite a few more saved in our Workspaces for future reference!

Hex colors generated from this image for color palette #1:

And here we have applied this gorgeous color palette of pale pinks, light blue, and purple onto Easil Instagram Story Templates.

Hex colors created from this image for color palette #2:

We applied this bright color palette to these events posters:

Hex colors generated from this image for color palette #3:

This natural and nudes color palette can work across so many types of images, and also brands. Here we have applied it on an Easil Instagram feed template, but we could easily see this being used for a beauty brand.

Hex colors created from this image for color palette #4:

This gorgeous aqua, blues, and vibrant greens color palette is perfect for outdoor and leisure promotion. We’ve applied it here to an Instagram Story template (in just a couple of seconds!):

Hex colors generated from this image for color palette #5:

This classic toned color palette has worked brilliantly when applied to this blogger Instagram story template:

Hex colors generated from this image for color palette #6:

Bright and fruity; this color palette has been adapted for use for a retail sale graphic:

Hex colors generated from this image for color palette #7:

And finally, we used the brightest, lightest blue against the dark, deep purple from this color palette, and mimicked the neon glow effect that was present in the original image, to come up with this sale graphic:

Hot tip: If your color palette generates less than 6 colors due to a narrow range of colors to pull, add white (#FFFFFF) as another option.

If you have decided that you’ve found the one, it’s time to make it formal. That is, add your color to your Brand Kit!

Grab the document you created with your favorite palette, and keep it open in your browser window. In a second window, open Easil, and click on ‘Brand‘. At the top left of the Brand Kit, you’ll find where you can add your colors. Copy and paste them one by one using the Hex codes, and then name your palette.

These colors are now available for you to quickly access within any Easil document you create. They’ll also appear for any team-mates you invite to your Easil account!

Are you ready to play with color, and create your stunning color palettes?

Leave a comment below and let us know if you have!

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