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Why Is Your Brand As A Consultant Important? - Be unforgettable.

Last updated: 10-17-2019

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Why Is Your Brand As A Consultant Important? - Be unforgettable.

I learned the true value of a distinct consultant brand AFTER I left one of the global giants to build my first firm.

We positioned ourselves as the funkier alternative to the big boys: filled with mastered degreed refugees who’d fled the big firms, jonesing for more flexibility and creativity. When The Wall St Journal called us mavericks and outliers, we were thrilled.

Not everyone loved us, but no one ever forgot us.

I ran the firm from a one-page manifesto—a snap-shot of our brand. We were nothing if not perfectly clear on who we were and what mattered most.

That clarity didn’t just translate into name recognition and simpler selling. It brought us higher profits AND a much heftier price tag when we later sold the business to Arthur Andersen.

The lesson I carried forward and baked into my current business?

When you’re not just any consultant, but an irresistible, exceptionally unforgettable one, YOU get to choose.

You choose the work you do, the clients you serve, the people you invite into your orbit. You even get to set prices that your less well known peers can only dream about.

You build the brand—and the business—your work deserves.

If that’s still your dream vs your reality, keep reading (or take this shortcut).

Because I’ve created ConsultantBrand—a powerful on-line experiential course for solo consultants—to get you there.

You can participate from your phone, your tablet and of course from your desktop.

The inaugural “beta” edition—complete with video lessons, BrandSheets, group calls where I take your questions, a private Facebook group and more—begins on May 17.

During our four weeks together, you’ll learn how to:

Check out the details here. Or email me and we’ll schedule a short call to see if it’s right for you. I’ve priced this—intentionally—well below its value (and future cost) since it’s the first time I’ve delivered this material on this new multi-media platform. You won’t ever see a lower price to work with me.

I won’t be doing a big splashy announcement—think soft launch, like when a cool new restaurant invites friends and family for the first couple of weeks.

I hope you’ll join me in the perfect springboard into summer…

Here’s to building the brand—and the business—your work deserves!

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