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A Global Network of Independent Advertising Agencies for New Business

Last updated: 06-26-2019

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A Global Network of Independent Advertising Agencies for New Business

This guest post is written by Cheri D. Gmiter, the executive director of Magnet Global Network.  She serves as the communications hub of this international network of independent advertising agencies. She has over 30 years of agency and broadcast experience.

Advertising clients that once worked with one or two agencies to handle their marketing needs now may divide their work among 5 to 10 shops that specialize in media, design, digital, SEO and Social. Combine with that reality the world-flattening power of technology and clients demand instant knowledge and resources. Advertising agencies are faced with providing quick local knowledge base as well as strategic global thinking and are constantly searching for resources and opportunities that will help them.

MAGNET Global Network offers an effective and economical method of handling international client needs with the surety and confidence of local and regional input and supervision. By belonging to an independent agency network like MAGNET Global Network, agencies have tremendous knowledge, case studies, research, expertise and access to global creative at their fingertips in a couple short clicks.

MAGNET Global Network is one of the world’s most successful independent advertising agency networks made up of 38 independent advertising & marketing agencies around the world with locations in North America, Europe, Korea, Japan, China, Russia, Dubai, Australia and the Pacific Rim. MAGNET also has an alliance with a worldwide network called “thenetworkone” that supplies MAGNET members with global resources and contacts on a “on demand” basis for over five years.

Working with over 800 clients and 100 global brands with a combined marketing spend of close to $2 billion dollars, MAGNET‘s individual members have a higher billing performance than any other competitive independent network based on research of all international networks. The Network employs over 3000 marketing professionals, and operates in more than 50 major cities around the globe.

To deliver value to its members and clients, MAGNET’s promise is based on three pillars:

If you are interested in a more valuable & cost effective alternative to the traditional wholly owned networks, contact Cheri Gmiter at or 412-366-6850. Follow her on Twitter @Magnetglobalnet

If you have an addition to the list of list of  agency networks, please add it in the comment section below.

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