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Can Blockchain Disrupt The Programmatic Advertising Duopoly Of Google & Facebook?

Last updated: 06-14-2019

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Can Blockchain Disrupt The Programmatic Advertising Duopoly Of Google & Facebook?

There can be no arguing that the Blockchain is a disruptive technology. Banks, corporations, and even governments are all-in on Blockchain technology, and the use-cases go far beyond Bitcoin.

The amazing thing about Blockchain is that it eliminates the need for a central authority to verify both trust AND the transfer of value. Blockchains transfer power and control from large entities (centralized) to the many (decentralized), enabling safer, faster, and cheaper transactions than traditional transactional systems.

In creating what many refer to as a “transfer of trust in a trustless world,” the Blockchain has become a game changer intent on disrupting all industries.

The advertising industry is one of the largest markets in the world, with digital advertising the top media category and expected to grow to a 50%+ market share by 2021. According to MAGNA Global, Programmatic Advertising accounted for 67% of U.S digital ad spending in 2016, and will account for 72% of total digital display ad spending by end of 2017.

Programmatic Advertising is the most scalable, most efficient, and fastest growing approach to digital advertising. Unfortunately, current systems make programmatic advertising complex, nontransparent, and vulnerable to fraud. That is why many major advertisers and publishers chose to quit open marketplaces to create their own, where they can set peer-to-peer deals with trusted counterparts based on their own rules.

While it’s true that private marketplaces protect advertisers from fraudulent traffic, provide better confidentiality for all participants, and minimize middleman involvement, this trend negatively affects thousands of small advertisers and publishers who can’t afford the high costs of participating in private marketplaces.

Blockchain is the perfect solution to the most pervasive Programmatic Advertising problems. It is a “trust machine” by nature, making data storage and transfer more transparent, efficient and simple. By providing a bulletproof way to store and share audience and transaction data, the Blockchain can address the structural challenges within the digital advertising industry including fraud, false attribution, audience data protection and the overwhelming role of middlemen.

A full-stack Blockchain Programmatic Advertising platform would open the digital ad marketplace to millions of small publishers and advertisers currently excluded from the value chain. In fact, the Blockchain can create a brand new foundation of programmatic advertising!

Blockchain Programmatic Corp (BPC) solves the problem an industry-first, fully integrated, real-time, Programmatic Advertising platform based on Blockchain technologies and consisting of 3 core advertising software stacks that have been fundamentally re-architected for truly distributed processing: Blockchain DSP (BDSP), Decentralized DMP (DDMP), and Smart Contract Ad Exchange (SMARTEX).

Special utility tokens in the BPC Platform facilitate interactions between different parts of the ecosystem, and are used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, data providers, campaign operators and marketers.

Thousands of small and medium sized advertisers and publishers can now return to the programmatic market, creating an alternative to the Google/Facebook duopoly. With the BPC Platform, advertisers and publishers are guaranteed not only security of auctions and audience data, but also transparency of contracts and traffic at the lowest possible operational cost.

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